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Subject Put Real ID out of its misery in New Jersey
Poster Handle No Police State Crap!
Post Content
Put Real ID out of its misery in New Jersey

New Jersey tried to roll out its version of the invasive, ineffective, expensive Real ID Act in May. On Oct. 5, 2012, a lawsuit the ACLU-NJ filed against the Motor Vehicle Commission was settled. TRU-ID short for The Real U is on the skids, for now at least.

The Motor Vehicle Commission tried to put TRU-ID into place undemocratically, ignoring the Administrative Procedures Act's requirement for any agency to issue regulations and elicit public comments at the very least when creating policies affecting the public. But the Motor Vehicle Commission has said it will try to push for Real ID in our state again.

Its up to you to make sure the Motor Vehicle Commission knows that New Jersey residents are against Real ID and any form it takes.

Let Motor Vehicle Commission Chief Administrator Raymond P. Martinez know we wont forfeit our privacy and fundamental rights without a fight.

[link to ssl.capwiz.com (secure)]
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