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Message Subject NWG suspicious site promoting curency
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I noticed the little girl in the photograph is \"posed\" for pedophiles. (Clearly an abnormal posture)

Her alleged statement...

\"‘J\'aimerai avoir la monnaie du futur. Parce qu’avec cet petit objet rond, je sentirai le monde entier entre mes mains\".
\"I would love to have the coin of the future. Because, through this small round object I will feel all the world in my hands\".

Sasha, nine years old, France.\"\"\"

Spoken like a glassy eyed child rape victim, parroting what the Mind-Control, Brain-Wash task master Megalomaniacs, and Psychopaths told her to say.

The Monsters even have articles on Human Trafficing, and as always the Psychopaths who are the most outspoken against it, are typically the perpetrators of it.

How about...
\"I control the world with this Coin\"

Notice there are no specifications as to metal, type, content, purity, weight, or measure or other specifics.

You Morans are witness to a Psy-Op, Mind-Control, Pedophile, Brain-Wash operations page.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11831752

You my friend, are sick as hell..
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