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Message Subject Lets assume that Israel is backed by God's divine powers, what for they need nuclear weapons then? Iran would dare to pose a threat, or ...
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1948 - 4 hours after israel was declared to be a nation 5! combined arab armies - egypt syria lebanon jordan and iraq invaded israel, they had fought against a jewish population of only half a million...

guess what! we kicked thier filthy asses and captured more land!

1967- 3 very well equiped armies of jordan syria and egypt yet again tried to go to war agaisnt israel, and yet again we kicked thier asses in 3 days! capturing sinai golan and jerusalem

1973 - the armies of syria and egypt equiped with the best russian tech at the time launched a surprised attack on yom kippur.

israel managed to assemble an army and kick some arab asses again!!!!

millitary experts could only describe these 3 campaigns as miracale.
 Quoting: DPS

There is a big difference of being attacked or to attack another much bigger and more powerful country ... there is a thin line between belief and fanatism ... i wish your leaders all Love, Wisdom, Truth and Light to work for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness for being good boys and good girls

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