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Message Subject Lets assume that Israel is backed by God's divine powers, what for they need nuclear weapons then? Iran would dare to pose a threat, or ...
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Lets assume that Israel really has God on its side, what for Israel needs weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons? And how come the Zionists fear an nuclear Iran? If you have God on your side, enemies do not exist, there is only friends and lovely neighbors ...

How dangerous is this mass brainwashed religious drivel for world peace? Where are those international religious authorities or truthful historians to address these false conceptions?

Unfortunately politics failed to prevent conflicts, they rather fueled, manipulated and abused these questions for conflicts and further cemented these misconceptions, its high time for SOSiety to get true answers ...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25539026

THe fact that God is on their side doesn't imply that they should be passive. Israel's enemies don't think that God is on their side, because they think that Allah and HaShem are one and the same. As a result there's this constant danger of an enemy attack. By getting nuclear weapons Israel diminishes an enemy attack to a great extent. You may think: but why don't they just rely on God? Because in case of war there's only one outcome: Israel will win, however, that doesn't mean that there won't be casualties and deaths on their side. With nuclear weapons you've no wars and thus no losses of live.

Imagine you've got a car and God is on your side. Suppose you hear a rumour about someone wanting to steal your car, would leave the car unlocked (after all, God will intervene) or would you lock the car and get a car alarm? You get the point?
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