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Message Subject I have Met The Anunnaki - I have been annointed Enki's messenger - Harvard doctor confimed my Non Human Bloodline
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Yet another serious reason why some people get abducted over and over has to do with their bloodline. Some humans have been 'worked on' during abduction sessions, sometimes since they were little kids. They are of certain hybrid bloodlines that apparently will be used, some as hosts for future star beings, and some for other reasons. Just like with channeling, where the channeler has to be strong and have a certain genetic setup to be able to channel safely without being depleted of energy and eventually getting seriously ill, these 'chosen people' are apparently of the same type of stock.

Typical example of such are Supriem Rockefeller, whom I wrote about in 2009, and Michael Lee Hill (MLH), whom I covered in 'Level I' in a specific paper. MLH is a very pleasant person and a talented musician, but have been used by different Sirian entities as well as the Grays when he was little and perhaps as late as 2007. He has talked about his experiences as positive on the most part and is quite casual about the role he is told he will play in the future and says he 'goes with the flow', but the 2007 abduction was less pleasant. He woke up in the middle of the 'operation' in incredible pain, something he found out during a session with a hypnotist who does regression therapy. At least one of those who were working on him was a human (or in a human body), and is said to have apologized, thinking MLH was asleep, and said he would feel no more pain, where after he let his hand go over MLH's forehead, and he fell asleep again, with no further pain or memories of what happened. However, he told the hypnotist that he did not want to relive that experience, and the hypnotist took him back to present time. MLH's comment afterwards was that even during a normal surgery, there is a potential chance the patient will wake up, and that doesn't necessarily mean the surgery is 'evil'. Well, that's true, but I withstand what I said earlier; why is MLH abducted against his knowledge and immediate consent? If what he is being prepared for is benevolent, why all these secrets? Still, MLH does not see it like I do, and it's not for me to force my sense of reality upon somebody else. I like Michael, but these are his experiences, and the interpretations of them are his own -- he has all the right to them.

Full Story Here - [link to wespenre.com]
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