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Subject chainsaw repair help wanted
Poster Handle i hate little motor
Post Content
hi i have a homelight 46 cc chainsaw yes its a cheapie
i dont normally mess with these tiny motors but thought i have another go and have ended up frustrated as usual.

my question is about the carbs on these things. it is a carb
problem initially it would not start and run no matter what
without ether own the throat so i disasemble an cleane the carb because there was a very good chance of old fuel and
other contaminants.

now i can get it to run with 3/4 choke but it shuts down
when the choke is removed.

i think i got the jets cleaned but could not work out how to
remove from the carb body is there some rubber gasket pump?
that could be causing this

and is this just a throw away job?
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