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Message Subject chainsaw repair help wanted
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Its probably the pick-up filter. The acetone is a good idea but dont use more then a few drops like the guy said.

I know you know this but those saws are trash.

I run four Stihl saws, a 066 mag, two 036's and 028 super, sometimes pretty hard for months on end. These things are bullet-proof, and easy to fix. My first 036 is going on ten years old, and I have been through more then a few bars/sprockets, this saw cuts like a mother-fucker, and only seems to get better with age.

Even a used stihl will serve you better then a homelite. Do a little research and buy one on ebay. The 036's are almost as powerful as the 066 and don't weigh nearly as much. Amazing saws.

When it comes to things like chainsaws and any other serious power tools, where you might really die if something goes wrong, I highly recommend getting the best gear you can. Operating chainsaws is a pretty big risk anyway, and it sucks when you get to the job and the saw quits.
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