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Message Subject chainsaw repair help wanted
Poster Handle chowan
Post Content
Check the gas line...it's probably cracked somewhere. You have to change it every couple years anyway.

You really should be cutting wood in early spring btw.
 Quoting: Cheshire~Cat

how come?

is it due to the sap being down for green wood?

what im cutting is recyled fencing from a ranch its long
dried out
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25541851

Yeah pretty much. Wood needs a good 6-9 months to season.
 Quoting: Cheshire~Cat

I have burned hundreds of cord worth of green/wet wood. The trick is to stack the wood around your stove so the heat will dry it out. Helps bring up the indoor humidity a bit too.

Of course it is best to let it dry and season, but its not entirely necessary.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25276568

Ive burned my share of green wood as well using the same trick even sometimes when i have a good supply of well seasoned i will throw in a bit of green to make the fire
cooler and slower burning.

But i do know much of the energy stored in green wood
will be wasted to dry it out so its not my first choice

OP here btw i got such good advice here today i signed up
the saw is running again just finished cutting some wood

it was not the lines or filter this time i knew about that
and it was one of the first things i checked.

i guess i messed with mixture when i cleaned the carb.

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