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Message Subject Money is now the root of all goodness
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Money represents work, work is exchanged for a common store of value, currency, silver, gold, etc.. Look around, for the vast majority of folks, money comes from working.

Nothing wrong with money, only how one goes about getting it, ie, stealing through either violence or deception.
 Quoting: J. Galt 24448049

Thank you very much. It is good to work till one is raw down to the bones. It is very good to live with much sweat and stress and never to see that cursed family because one is working so much. What we need is more work and less free time. Damn these lazy bums in the world. Send them to Heaven, lazy bums !

I applaud you.

Heaven is bad = no money there.

Hell is good = lots of money there.
 Quoting: EndTimesAdvisor 18131262

Working for the sake of working has now become the ultimate virtue. Everyone has to toil away, even if the work isn't necessary, or doesn't contribute to anything of value for society overall. Even if it leads to destructive ends overall, tis' virtuous to work. The more you work the better a person you are!

Just keep chipping away at that pile of rocks!

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