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Message Subject I am a 32 year old virgin and will never have sex or get a girlfriend
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

And men,,,know that women are becomming very agressive.

Why?, because they are thoroughly unaware of what they want.

I for one am becomming very turned off. Not worth it.

Yeah, I know, it is tough....it takes years to get where I am.

I am very sure, the current sexual game is a trap--a very expensive trap. Not worth it unless you are sure. Do not settle for societal norms. And, know up front....women will deny sex to get what they want.

The above is a paradox. It is also most important for men to see.

Be careful and choose wisely. The sad stats on divorce now are staggering. ALmost 75%. Dance with the stars....

Men, know that your estate will be impacted for decades.
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