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Message Subject I found an 8+ year old grocery store recipt on the weekend. Wow...
Poster Handle Dr.DoomLittle
Post Content
1st thing I noticed, my wife and I have hardly changed anything about our buying and eating habits.

The 2nd thing I noticed was the crazy incrases we have had in prices.

1 can Campbells Vegetable soup was listed as $0.89
We now pay $2.19 for the same can.

Fresh Haddock Fillets were $3.99lb. Now $7.99lb.

4 litres of Skim Milk was $4.59...now $7.59.

1 loaf of whole wheat bread was $.99...now $2.99.

Fresh Green Pepper was $1.99lb...now $3.99lb.

Canned tomato juice was $0.99 a can...now $2.29 a can.

Obviously there was waaaaay more on the recipt, but I just can't believe the inflation. I'm sure many people have had to stop buying items the are used to buying, and change their life styles a great deal. I have not gotten to that point yet, but I'm feeling the pinch. It sucks.

Changes are needed.
 Quoting: Wash

This is the corporate exploitation of the consumer expectation of inflation... not true inflation.

Because the inflation experienced is 'Top-Bottom' Inflation, i.e. via corporate dictatorship. It is not an honest to goodness 'Bottom-Up' consumer inflation due to higher overall demand, because we have not seen job growth and across the board higher wages effecting the consumer markets.

I noticed another trick they are using to 'manufacture' consumption, or turnover; i.e dating beer/soda bottles and cans with short term expirations. This means the product is artificially NON marketable because they put an expiration date on it; which forces artificial turnover. Artificial turnover is inflationary.
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