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Message Subject I found an 8+ year old grocery store recipt on the weekend. Wow...
Poster Handle Dr.DoomLittle
Post Content
Inflation numbers are cooked. If we really knew the true number all the politicians would be out of work.

[link to www.shadowstats.com]
 Quoting: YaRight

Inflation is corporate exploitation. The initiative of the dollar is Deflation, not Inflation.

The reason is that the Federal Reserve charges interest on currency that doesn't exist in the money supply. Therefore, corporate profits depend on a well trained consumer; one that expects inflation. Be a good little sheep, and expect inflation.

The dollar is a debt instrument, it represents a contract. The psychological expectation of Inflation allows the rise in prices when there is not a 'Bottom up' wage and job growth effect; it therefore creates and expands the profit for corporations.

The Fed Reserve and the US Gov't collects their cut from taxation; all a burden (hidden corprate, banking, and government taxes) on the population.
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