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Message Subject I found an 8+ year old grocery store recipt on the weekend. Wow...
Poster Handle Kissplash
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OP you need to use coupons. I use coupons when the prices are rock bottom. I only get things I know we will eat. I get fruit, veggies, and milk when they are on sale. W eat seasonally which means more squash and potatoes soon. I buy the minimum amount of meat get fattier pieces to compensate for a heavier cheese, legume, and nuts (for protein) diet. When milk is higher than gas per gallon we use less of it and also less cheese as prices for cheese reflect that of milk. My kids and husband are meat lovers and they aren't happy when I use less meat but they are healthier for it, anyway, and so is my wallet.

This week I saved 37.75 on my first transaction. I spent 112.97 after all coupons. They gave me 10.00 in coupons to spend on anything else I wanted in the store. So I bought more. I also used 3 more coupons. That total came to 7.01 after coupons. I saved 12.85 with the coupons. My out of pocket for both transactions was only 119.98. I got milk, coffee, fruit, rice, chicken, sugar, flour, oatmeal, soups, crackers, nuts, tea, pudding, tp, and crackers. Oh and overstuffed raviolis that my teens just love.

Yeah...prices nowadays are horrible! But if you plan carefully and use coupons with sales you can still eat and pay the bills. It takes awhile to get started but it does help and after a month or two you'll see that your total comes down a bit.
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