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Message Subject I found an 8+ year old grocery store recipt on the weekend. Wow...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I care for 4 children, plus my 2. I find the only way I can cut costs is by having to travel to a few different places to get the cheapest deals and price match anything you can! Making everything home made takes a lot of time, but if you can even do one day a weekend, where you premake a whole bunch of meals and freeze them, you are better off cost wise and health wise too!

Not sure if in NS you have an "Almost Perfect" store, but it is a store that sells pies and frozen things that may have some imperfections in the box, or cookies broken ect. You can still get a loaf of bread for .99 cents, other wise here the average loaf is at least $2.50

I had also recently came across an old receipt and I agree with you, things are just insanely over priced. What I used to get for $100 back then I now have to pay $200 for.
 Quoting: CrazyMama73

WE don't have an "Almost Perfect" store...too bad. SOunds like a great place.
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