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Message Subject I found an 8+ year old grocery store recipt on the weekend. Wow...
Poster Handle Kissplash
Post Content
I mean I read a lot of retarded stuff on GLP and almost never post. But I couldn't help myself this time because this thread was pinned.

you've overpaid for nearly everything on that list. This isn't a true comparison. I can buy everything at a cheaper price and I live in Los Angeles-- which is an expensive city.

1 can Campbells Vegetable soup was listed as $0.89
We now pay $2.19 for the same can.

< Campbells at my local store was 4 for $5 >
[link to ralphs.mywebgrocer.com]

Fresh Haddock Fillets were $3.99lb. Now $7.99lb.
< this specific type of fish I cannot comment on but I went to an Asian market a week ago and got Salmon (which is a more expensive fish) for $2.99 a lb.

4 litres of Skim Milk was $4.59...now $7.59.
< Skim Milk... if you are paying more than $5 bucks for it you need to shop at another place. It is literally on sale for $2.50 (2 Liters) at Pavilions.. >

1 loaf of whole wheat bread was $.99...now $2.99.
< This is only the thing that seems to be accurate. However Ralphs ALWAYS have wheat bread for .99 or $1.50. If you go to Trader Joes or some other higher quality stores you'd pay around $2.99 yes >

Fresh Green Pepper was $1.99lb...now $3.99lb.
<Green Peppers are 2 for $1 right now at Sprouts, it is EVEN cheaper at Mexican markets>

Canned tomato juice was $0.99 a can...now $2.29 a can.
< I dont buy canned tomato juice but I'm pretty sure I always see them for .99 at nearly any store >

I guess what Im trying to say is.. Im not sure what you are trying to prove. If you are sincerely paying these ridiculous prices you need to stop shopping at Whole Foods or Bristol Farms (unless of course you are willing to pay those prices, but you obviously aren't because you are complaining). I hope my post has allowed you to see the REAL prices of today.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24303055

The OP lives in CANADA- prices in canada are much higher than the US...always have been. Can't compare the two.
You are missing the point of her post!!!!
Prices HAVE RISEN IN THE LAST 8 YEARS! I notice it every time I shop. I spend twice as much as I did 8 years ago. Even dog food has gone up about 25%! The only things that are getting cheaper are poison chemical laden foods that i will never eat.
 Quoting: Woof 13268035

Nobody's missing the point. We all get it. Prices ARE higher. Just some people have learned to adapt to the higher prices by changing their eating/buying habits and some haven't changed at all. Over the last 5 years I've noticed I can't buy beef unless there's some kind of super, and I mean SUPER sale going on. So instead I choose pork or ground turkey. I even buy frozen ground and thaw it out. I choose canned tuna or salmon or ham if all else fails to bring me the price I desire. Food companies are very smart. They know you believe in brand. They know you are hesitant to change your habits. They know what you will willingly spend to get what you want. The prices for sales reflect that every week and if you pay attention you'll see a pattern in branding.

Yes, we understand prices have gone up. This is why we coupon and why couponers are not brand-loyal. Consider it harvesting for the times. We work with the wave of sales like it was harvest time and save up for the lean times.
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