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Message Subject I found an 8+ year old grocery store recipt on the weekend. Wow...
Poster Handle MuslimAmerican
Post Content
I think all these free foodstamps adds to inflation. People with foodstamps don't care how much something costs.

Buy, buy, buy!
 Quoting: Renegade (Me too)

That's completely illogical and more of the typical ignorant blame game. Majority of tax dollars go towards anything but social service programs. Additionally the amount of food stamps is VERY low per person if a person can even qualify. The great depression and stock market crashes took place MANY years before food-stamps had even been thought of yet bigots ignorant of logic as well as history have an issue with the disabled and the poor existing and can't help but to blame them. Apparently for some it's much easier blaming then than themselves or their faulty corrupt politicians and banking systems when they should be bashing the high salaries being awarded to Gov Emps that never step foot in a work place instead they just hold an "office" or title all paid for by taxes and would equal more in a day than 30-40 food-stamp recipients receive over the course of years.

Practically every economic crash, price hikes and so on have not only been the fault of politicians but world banking systems as well and have been basically intentional. This has been proven countless times, yet some just choose to skip of that fact and jump right to blaming people that are victims of the system just like the bigots that hate them for existing.
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