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The coming of the Golden Age

Anonymous Coward
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10/16/2012 06:54 AM
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The coming of the Golden Age
The coming of the Golden Age

A compilation of predictions made on the subject by Peter Deunov

"During the passage of time, the consciousness of men traversed a very long period of obscurity. This phase which the Hindus call "Kali Yuga", is on the verge of ending. We find ourselves today at the frontier between two epochs: that of Kali Yuga and that of the New Era that we are entering.

A gradual improvement is already occurring in the thoughts, feelings and acts of human beings, but everybody will soon be subjugated to divine Fire, that will purify and prepare them in regards to the New Era. Thus man will raise himself to a superior degree of consciousness, indispensable to his entrance to the New Life. That is what one understands by "Ascension".

Some decades will pass before the coming of this Fire, that will transform the world by bringing into it a new moral. This immense wave comes from cosmic space and will inundate the entire earth. All those that attempt to oppose it will be carried off and transferred elsewhere – meaning that they as souls, will have to reincarnate elsewhere.

Although the inhabitants of this planet do not all find themselves at the same degree of evolution, the new wave will be felt by each one of us. And this transformation will not only touch the Earth, but the entire Cosmos.

The best and only thing that a man can do now is to turn towards God and improve himself consciously, to elevate his vibratory level, so as to find himself in harmony with the powerful wave that will soon submerge him.

The Fire of which I speak, that accompanies the new conditions offered to our planet, will rejuvenate, purify, reconstruct everything: matter will be refined, your hearts will be liberated from anguish, troubles, incertitudes, and they will become luminous; everything will be improved, elevated; negative thoughts, feelings and acts will be consumed and destroyed.

Your present life is slavery, a heavy prison. Understand your situation and liberate yourself from it. I tell you this: get out of your prison! It is really sorry to see so much misleading, so much suffering, so much incapacity to understand where one's true happiness lies.

Everything that is around you will soon collapse and disappear. Nothing will be left of this civilization nor of its perversity; the entire earth will be shaken and no trace will be left of this erroneous culture that maintains men under the yoke of ignorance. Earthquakes are not only mechanical phenomens, their goal is also to awaken the intellect and the heart of humans, so that they liberate themselves from their errors and their follies and that they understand that they are not the centers of the universe.

Our solar system is now traversing a region of the Cosmos where a constellation that was destroyed left its mark, its dust. This crossing of a contaminated space is a source of poisoning, not only for the inhabitants of the earth, but for all the inhabitants of the other planets of our galaxy. Only the suns are not affected by the influence of this hostile environment. This region is called "the thirteenth zone"; one also calls it "the zone of contradictions". Our planet was enclosed in this region for thousands of years, but finally we are approaching the exit of this space of darkness and we are on the point of attaining a more spiritual region, where more evolved beings live.

The earth is now following an ascending movement and everyone should learn to harmonize themselves with the currents of this ascension. Those who refuse to accept this orientation, will lose the advantages of the good conditions that will be offered in the future to elevate themselves. They will remain behind in evolution and will have to wait tens of millions of years for the coming of a new ascending wave.

The earth, the solar system, the universe, all are being put in a new direction under the impulsion of Love. Most of you still consider Love as a derisory force, but in reality, it is the greatest of all forces! Money and power continue to be venerated as if the course of our livers depended upon it. In the future, all will behave according to cosmic Love and serve it. But it is through suffering and difficulties that the consciousness of man will be awakened.

The terrible predictions of the prophet Daniel written in the bible relates to the epoch that is opening. There will be floods, hurricanes, gigantic fires and earthquakes that will sweep away everything. Blood will flow in abundance. There will be revolutions; terrible explosions will resound in numerous regions of the earth. There where there is earth, water will come, and there where there is water, earth will come. God is Love; yet what we are dealing with here is a chastisement, a reply by Nature against the crimes perpetrated by humanity since ancient times, against their Mother; the Earth.

After these sufferings, those that will have been saved because of their past merits, will know the Golden Age, harmony and unlimited beauty. Thus, keep your peace and your faith when the time comes for suffering and terror, because it is written that not a hair will fall from the head of the just. Don't be discouraged, simply follow your work of inner betterment.

You have no idea of the grandiose future that awaits you. A New Earth will soon see day. In a few decades, physical work will be less tiring, and every one will have the time to consecrate themselves to spiritual, intellectual and artistic activities. The question of exchanges between men and women will finally be solved in harmony; each one having the possibility of following their own aspirations. The relations of couples will be founded on common respect and esteem. Humans will voyage spiritually through different planes and breakthrough intergalactic space. They will study their functioning and will rapidly be able to know the Divine World, to link themselves with the Head of the Universe.

The New Era is that of the sixth race. Your predestination is to prepare yourself for it, to welcome it and to live it. The sixth race will build itself around the idea of Fraternity. There will be no more conflicts of personal interests; the single aspiration of every individual will be to live accordingly to the Law of Love. The sixth race will be that of Love. A new continent will be formed for it. It will emerge from the Pacific, so that the Highest can finally establish His place on this planet.

The founders of this new civilization, I call them "Brothers of Humanity" or also "Children of Love", will be unshakeable in virtue and will represent a new type of men. Humanity will form a family, just like a large body, and every person will represent an organ in this body. In the new race, Love will manifest in such a perfect manner, that today's humanity can only have a very vague idea of it.

The earth will remain for some time, a favourable place for struggles, but the forces of darkness will retreat and the earth will be liberated from them. Human beings, in seeing that there is no other path, will engage themselves on the path of the New Life, that of salvation. In their senseless pride, some will try to continue to lead on earth a life that the Divine Order condemns, but everyone will finally understand that the direction of the world doesn't belong to them.

A new culture will see the light of day, it will rest on three principal foundations: the elevation of woman, the elevation of the meek and humble, and the protection of the rights of man.

Light, good and justice will triumph; it is just a question of time. The religions should be purified. Each contains a particle of the Teachings of the Masters of Light, but obscured by the incessant supply of human deviation. All the believers will have to unite and put themselves in agreement with one principal, that of placing Love as the basis of all beliefs, whatever they may be. Love and Fraternity: those will be our common bases!

The earth will soon be swept by extraordinary rapid waves of Cosmic Electricity. A few decades from now, beings that are bad and have lead others astray, will not be able to support their intensity. They will thus be absorbed by the Cosmic Fire that will consume the bad that they possess. Then they will repent because it is written that "every flesh shall glorify God".

Our mother, the earth, will get rid of men that do not accept the New Life. She will reject them like damaged fruits. They will soon not be able to reincarnate on this planet; criminals included. Only those that possess Love in them will remain.

There is not a single place on earth that has not been dirtied with human or animal blood; it must therefore submit to a purification. And it is for this reason that certain continents will be immersed underwater, while others will surface.

Men do not suspect the dangers that they are confronted with. They continue to pursue futile objectives and seek pleasure. On the contrary, those of the sixth race will be conscious of the dignity of their roles in nature and respectful of the liberty of every living creature. They will nourish themselves exclusively from products of the vegetal realms. Their ideas will have the power to circulate freely as the air and light of our days. The words "If you are not born again." apply to the sixth race. Read Chapter 60 of Isaiah, it relates to the coming of the sixth race: the Race of Love.

After the Tribulations, men will cease to sin and will walk on the path of virtue again. The climate of our planet will be moderate everywhere and brutal variations will no longer exist. The air will once again become pure, and the same will be true of water. All parasites will disappear. Men will remember their previous incarnations, and they will feel the pleasure of noticing that they are finally liberated from their previous condition.

Just as we get rid of the parasites and dead leafes that cover a vine, so do the evolved Beings act, in order to prepare men to serve the God of Love. They give them good conditions to grow and to develop themselves, and to those that want to listen to them, they say: "Do not be afraid! Still a little more time and everything will be all right; you are on the good path. May he that wants to enter in the New Culture study, and consciously work and prepare himself."

Thanks to the idea of Fraternity, the earth will become a blessed place, and this will not have to wait. But before, great sufferings will be sent to awaken the consciousness. Sins accumulated for thousands of years must be redeemed. The ardent wave emanating from On High will contribute in liquidating the karma of peoples.

The liberation can no longer be postponed. Humanity must prepare itself for the great and unescapable trials that are coming to bring an end to egoism.

Under the earth, something extraordinary is preparing itself. A revolution that is so grandiose and completely inconceivable will manifest itself soon in nature. God has decided to redress the earth, and He will do it!

It is the end of an epoch; a new way of living will substitute the old, and Love will reign on earth."

[link to www.liveyourquest.com]

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 23486698
United States
10/16/2012 07:07 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
Only a few more months to go.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 25668222
10/16/2012 07:08 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age

"A new Wave is coming from out of the Cosmic Space: the Wave of Divine Love. It is also called 'the Wave of Fire'. This Wave has powerful vibrations which not every human being can endure. It has been said, for this reason, that God is an all-consuming Fire. Those who are ready to withstand the vibrations of this Wave and assimilate them will become luminous. Yet for those who cannot bear them, it will be a Fire which will either consume them or will cause them to pass through great suffering. This will prepare them to awaken and receive Love.

This Wave of Love which is coming is also called the Divine Fire. Everything old and impure will burn in it. After man passes through this Divine Fire, the Kingdom of God will come to Earth. I say: when the Fire of Love comes, some people will become luminous; but others will burn, will pass through repentance.

"Today you find yourselves in a great phase of Life. Not too much time will pass before you will find yourselves passing through the Fire. This will be in your lifetime. This Wave of Fire will soon pass over the world and purify it. All human thoughts and desires will pass through this Fire and become purified in the most perfect way. The Great Life will enter you, and you will become transformed. As the smith places the iron in the fire in order to refine it, so too, the Intelligent World will pass us through the Fire so that we can be purified and tempered.

"Those Beings which descend from above say, 'We will turn the earth on its head and will chase the evil away from it.' The evil will not attempt to come near it again.

"The great destruction which occurs today is due to this great Life which comes now. If people do not accept Christ voluntarily, the whole culture will pass through Fire seven times, but in the end, it will be purified and renewed.

"The Wave of Fire will pass through the minds of all people. You all will pass through this Divine Fire; you will free your souls and be liberated from bondage.

"If man does not awaken and arise, all the 'blankets' in which he has wrapped himself will burn. Everything which man has created will burn and turn into ashes and dust. What I am speaking of is the Coming of the Day of the Lord. I say now, 'We are in the Day of the Lord!'

"Only one-half hour remains before the last train leaves. Woe to those who have not yet managed to settle their accounts. If Europe does not correct her past mistakes, great tribulations will come her way.

"The Lord is coming, and He has already set His Foot upon the earth. I can easily prove that He has set foot upon the earth. How? The great suffering which is constantly increasing is the proof that the Lord is coming to this world. Do you know what His decision is? Everything impure is to burn. One has never before seen the dust that will be raised on earth. You have never suspected what great cleansing is coming before the Great Day. Nothing will remain of the European states and of the planning of the European diplomats. Love will destroy everything old. After that we will start to build. This turbulence among societies, this unrest among those who are in distress, indicates that God permeates everything. All this is linked to the eradication of the karma of humankind which has accumulated for thousands of years. Until all old concepts, thoughts and feelings bum in the Fire of suffering, man cannot enter into the new Life which is due to come now.

"Because for thousands of years man was under the influence of the negative forces, these forces now turn against him. Man has strayed from his right path, and all misfortunes are due to that. People have deviated from many things and for this reason, have remained behind in their development. The Invisible World wants to help them so that they may develop properly. The Invisible World is sending workers with their hammers to work on people's homes. These misfortunes are called 'the unfavorable conditions of life.' With their imprudent way of life, people let loose the evil, and as a result, tribulations come. That which man experiences, and feels hanging heavily over him, is his karma. This is a debt which is due to be paid. In Matthew Chapter 24, the woman who was 'taken' has paid her karma, she is free of any debt. On the other hand, the woman who was 'left' has not yet eliminated her karma. And so, the present events indicate the paying off of an old debt: the eradication of karma. An acceleration in the eradication of the past error of humankind is taking place at present - everything that has accumulated is being eradicated.

"In the fall, all old leaves fall whether they want to or not. Only new buds which will produce new branches in the coming spring - only new leaves and flowers - remain on the trees. The beauty of life is in the changes. After a storm, the weather clears. The present events are like a storm: they will pass. Everything that occurs is for the better. We think that the present order is good, but God is weary of the transgressions which people commit.

"The karma of the European nations is already ripe and creates tribulations for the whole of humankind. The tribulations indicate that man must change his way of life and apply the Divine Teaching. The Jews did not accept the Teachings of Christ, and tribulations came upon them. The Christian nations did not apply Christ's Teaching, and the present tribulations came. The present troubles come because man did not accept voluntarily and with an awakened consciousness to fulfill the Will of God. Even greater disturbances - external as well as internal -will come in order for man to awaken and fulfill the Will of God. to serve God. This will be forced upon humankind.

"Modern culture is in its departure. The new culture is coming, and its application in life will begin. The Invisible World has decided to teach modem civilized people a lesson which they will remember for a thousand years. The Scripture says, 'The Wrath of God will come upon the sons of disobedience.' In other words, the Potter will break up the imperfect pots."

On another occasion, the Master said:

"The whole earth at present is undergoing a great change, a reconstruction. This will continue until its forces become balanced. The earth will undergo disturbances. There exist ways to predict in which region of the planet the greatest turbulence will occur.

"All of Europe, the entire earth is in turmoil. The entire world is in disarray. Be not afraid. In such times of trouble, people will come to know God: will come to understand that He is that Great Intelligent Power which turns all things to good. You must remain calm and peaceful and know that the times in which you live are most favorable.

"All of Europe will pass through unimaginable trials. Modern Europeans have built a dam on the river which one day will collapse. Therefore, whoever is above the town should search for refuge in the mountain, and whoever is at the low level must run for higher ground. I speak symbolically.

"People ask what will become of them in the future. Imagine that you live on the North Pole where everything is ice. Your homes are made of ice: nowhere can you see water. I say to you that you need to take some precautionary measures because the earth will undergo great changes. The sun will start to shine very hot. It will melt the ice: the homes will fall apart, and you will start to sink. You say, 'What bad fortune has come to us.' This is not bad fortune - simply the ice melts. The same I say to you now: if you do not correct your life, the same will happen to you. I do not say this to frighten you. It is the natural course of life. The Great Wave which comes now breaks up the ice and turns it into water. This is the Great Intelligent Wave that already draws near to the world.

"After these events, human egotism will vanish and people will begin to live freely and as brothers. The time has come for all people to abandon the old way of life.

"The God of whom I speak to you will shake the earth. Only then will you come to understand whether or not I have been speaking the truth. The Scripture says that God will shake the earth and that every living creature will realize that Justice, Truth, Virtue, Love and Wisdom exist. All people throughout the world must know that God is present in the world - and people will come to know this.

"You say, 'We are not prepared yet.' When will you be ready? You say, 'The time has not come yet.' Who told you that the time has not come yet? If you do not follow the Divine, the earth will begin to shake.

"After the earth shakes, after all your guns and cannons are destroyed, you will be asked, 'Will you obey?' You will say, 'Yes, we will obey.' When you observe all these things, you will become wiser. The entire earth will shake with such power that no trace will remain of the present culture. This will take place as based upon the great natural laws. Not one nation in Europe will remain unpunished: the present order and all human lies will vanish.

"Christ has said, 'The sun will darken, the moon will wane, and the stars will fall.' Interpreted, this means that all false human religious beliefs will lose their meaning, all worldly power will be overshadowed, will lose its hold. Therefore the disciples should work to improve themselves: clothe themselves in armor and don helmets in order to withstand this Wave of suffering and trials which man must endure. This armor is Love.

"Many people can learn from their own mistakes. If one tries to speak to them, they will not comprehend. Such people will learn on the path of suffering. The turbulent flow which represents the tribulations and conflicts of humankind wilt abate by the end of the century. Naturally, the human souls who are more developed will be freed from this flood sooner. The nations are healed through suffering. It is impossible to heal a nation without suffering. It is the only medicine.

"What needs to be corrected will be corrected. What needs to be destroyed will be destroyed. Take advantage of the short time which remains. Now is the time to begin living in harmony with the new Life. The evil has exhausted all the conditions for its existence. It can no longer succeed, and it is retreating - only its dregs have remained. The Light will drive away all the darkness. Owing to the present tribulations, man will awaken. Unless the pure is sifted from the impure, the life of man will be meaningless.

"After these events, the new will immediately gain control of the world. The good times will come. Now it is difficult. We all know that life is hard during the winter. It is easier when the spring comes. It is also easy to live in the summer and the fall. At present, we are coming to the end of the winter.

"When the New comes, violence will no longer exist. Nothing will remain of modern weapons or of modem courts and prisons, as well. The present order will be cast out. God is creating a new World. The old world is giving way to the new.

"When people enter the new Life, they will converse with Angels and with God. How will they speak with God? In silence. In silence you will look at the stars, the moon, the sun; and you will be filled with gladness. God is in all of them. You will be joyful for every little stone, plant and animal. God lives in them. You will rejoice in the soft wind, the pure spring: in them is God."

Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 25668222
10/16/2012 07:11 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
The Last Prophecy of Peter Deunov - The Mechanics of Ascension


User ID: 25615648
South Africa
10/16/2012 07:16 AM

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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
Interesting times indeed

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery - Bob Marley
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 23018191
United States
10/16/2012 07:25 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age

User ID: 25673993
South Africa
10/16/2012 07:28 AM

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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
bumpfor later...Thanks Ops!hf
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25671016
10/16/2012 07:48 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
The coming of the Golden CAge

User ID: 25671708
10/16/2012 08:09 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age


Only a few more months to go.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23486698

There will come a time when you believe everything ends.
This will be the beginning
[Louis L'Amour]

~ A r c t u r u s
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 25668222
10/16/2012 08:32 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
Deunov’s Prophecy: Agartha, 2012 and the New World Era

By Wayne H. Purdin

Take out a dollar bill and look on the back. The “all-seeing eye” and unfinished pyramid are Masonic symbols, placed there in 1935 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was a 32nd degree Freemason. His Vice President, Henry A. Wallace, also a 32nd degree Freemason and a disciple of the Russian mystic Nicholas Roerich, encouraged Roosevelt to use the eye and pyramid from the back of the Great Seal of the United States to mint a coin, but Roosevelt opted instead to put it on the back of the paper dollar. In the 1930s, before he was elected vice president, Wallace addressed Roerich in letters as “Dear Guru,” a fact that came out during Wallace’s campaign for the presidency in 1948. (White & Maze, 1995)

But how did the all-seeing eye get on the Great Seal in the first place? The all-seeing eye is a symbol that has been used by secret societies like the Freemasons and other organizations of the Great White Brotherhood (which is a heavenly association of white-aura masters from all paths dedicated to effecting good on Earth) for hundreds of years. Peter Deunov, the founder of the Universal White Brotherhood of Bulgaria, used it as the symbol for wisdom in his pentagram of the perfected man.

According to Manly P.Hall in TheSecret Destiny of America:
The pyramid and the all-seeing eye represent the Universal House surmounted by the radiant emblem of the Great Architect of the Universe.... (Hall is referring here to the Elohim Cyclopea, one of the builders of form, who created the material universe.)

Here is represented the great pyramid of Gizah, composed of 13 rows of masonry, showing 72 stones... which represent, in turn, the laws, powers, and energies of Nature by which the perfection of man is achieved...
There is only one possible origin for these symbols, and that is the secret societies which came to this country 150 years before the Revolutionary War. (Hall, 1944)

Some people interpret the banner under the pyramid, which reads “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” as “New World Order.” They point to it as evidence of a plot by the Freemasons to establish a sinister one-world government. But the phrase actually means “New Order of the Ages” and was adapted by the seal’s designer, Charles Thomson, from a line in Virgil’s Eclogue IV, a pastoral poem that expresses the longing for a golden age of peace and happiness, which the Greeks and Romans of Virgil’s time knew as the highest era in Plato’s Annus Magnus or ‘Great Year’: “Now comes the last age of the Cumaean song; the great order of the ages arises anew.” This was Henry Wallace’s vision that he expressed to Roerich in a letter as “the breaking of the New Day when the people of Shamballa [place of peace] would create an era of peace and plenty.” (White & Maze, 1995) Who are the “people of Shamballa,” where is it, and what role will it play in the coming of this golden age?

Continue to read (download the pdf):
[link to www.visionsunusual.com]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 25668222
10/16/2012 08:36 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
The New Humanity

Lecture by The Master Beinsa Douno, given on August 19, 1920, in Tirnovo

Today I am going to talk to you about The New Humanity. I shall go into this matter from a new point of view. The new in the world is the rising sun, and the old, the setting sun. This is a law of Nature. It is not only I that assert this law, every mother and every father asserts it too. When a maiden and a youth marry, the first child that is born unto them is the rising sun, the hope of their future. If we are of the opinion that the new brings forth mischief, that it disorganizes the community and the whole of humanity, this is a distorted view of those great principles that govern living Nature. But if we cherish faith in the new life, what are those children for who bring only misfortune to their parents? How many days and nights the mother has gone with no rest because of this new child, who still speaks not, this new idea!

The newborn idea is yet undefined but the mother has the ability to catch, to listen and to understand the language of this new being, this little child. So also in a community, in a nation, there are persons with sensitive souls, in whom consciousness is developed, the heart raised to a higher rate, and they grasp this new idea, this child, this new idea which they bring forth. And their contemporaries who do not understand the bearers of this new idea, say: "These men are anarchists, communists, heretics, sectarians!"

But these are names with no sense at all. If we reason thus, I ask them: What is the difference between a communist who lives according to his own understanding, and another who lives according to his old understanding, and still a third who lives according to his new understanding?

The difference is that the one who lives according to his new ideas feels within himself an uplift, energy, life, - growth! and the other, who lives according the old ideas feels himself old, exhausted, his strength failing: he is afraid of the future, he thinks of old age and therefore wants to become rich and starts insuring himself through banks and insurance policy. And I say: those are old people who think of insurance. The best security is Death, the graveyard.

But graveyards bring no new ideas to humanity, they create only misery and misfortune in the world. There in the graveyard are buried kings and priests,musicians and poets - all for their sins. If you ask me why people die, I reply: people die because of their old ideas.

Then how, can humanity be resurrected? I say: be young, become bearers of the new Divine Teaching, the emblem of which is Brotherhood. Brotherhood; but what kind of brotherhood? The one who names himself your brother must be ready to sacrifice his life, his wealth and his worldly honor - everything - for you.

When a great nation comprehends the idea of this kind of Brotherhood, it must be ready to sacrifice all for this idea. Where there is no sacrifice, there is no brotherhood, no equality. When someone preaches the great idea that there is a God but sacrifices not his life, his wealth and his worldly honor for Him, he has not grasped the great teaching of Life. This is Brotherhood and Equality; this is what Christ preached.

Let us goback, let us apply Christ's teaching, because in it is hidden the salvation of the world. What did Christ teach, what did He preach? He taught the great idea about the New Humanity!

What are the characteristics of the man of the New Humanity? The Jewish prophets, being far-sighted, two thousand years ago said that God will create new hearts, made of flesh, and in them His Spirit will be established and all, small and big, will come to know Him. Thereafter nobody will ask whether there is or there is not a God. Every man will lie under his own fig tree with no fear. Peace and love will reign among men; the weapons of war will be turned into tools and ploughs, and the peoples will not make war anymore.

Christ has established two principles; the New and the Old. In correlation we have the story of the wise man who has understood the meaning of Life, and built his house on rock. Winds and floods came but, they could not destroy that house. By "rock" here is understood the sound principles of living Nature. And the unwise man, who has not understood the meaning of Life, built his house on sand and the winds and floods carried it off. Storms and floods are those persons who live without any principles. They provoke all mischief in society, They carry off the house built on sandy foundations.

Therefore, these two cultures, the Old and the New, are founded on two principles. The contemporary old humanity still serves its egoism and that is why there can be no brotherhood. The New Humanity serves altruism. Egoism is predestined to become the servant of humanity.

Therefore, the new ideas include not only the welfare of the individual or of the society, but the welfare of all sentient beings. Under "sentient" beings I mean all beings, because there is no being which is not sentient. If you are deaf and someone talks to you, you do not hear him, and you wonder where lies the mistake. The mistake is not with the one who speaks but with him whose ear is deaf and cannot hear what is being spoken. A blind man cannot comprehend the world. The world is not dark, but the senses of this man are undeveloped.

The present society needs to develop new senses. Now this society evolves according to a great law. Nature today is not what it was a million years ago. Every 100 millions of years a great change comes inside Nature. If I ask you how many millions of years our solar system has existed, you will tell me that some of the contemporary men of science say 100 millions of years; others, 200 millions; still others, 500 millions, and so on. Occult science says that from the creation of our solar system to the present age have passed 250 milliards of years. These statements can neither be proved nor disproved. They are only assertions. They can be proved only under certain conditions, accepting some axioms and maximae; but generally, in order for a truth to be understood, some data is necessary. Proved truths are very rare in the world. For instance, suppose you desire to prove an idea very dear to you: whether a man has a soul or not.

Half of the contemporary intelligent people deny this idea and the other half accept it, but neither can prove it or disprove it. When we ask someone if there is a soul and what is its form, he usually replies: "There is a soul but its form I know not." We can prove only things that have form, content, and meaning; and things that have no form, no content, no meaning, we neither prove nor disprove.

I speak of an idea that is near to your souls, what I speak of is inherited by you. You have some ideals, some aspirations, yearnings, but they are being expressed in various ways. And every one of you has his own special aspiration.

The youth, for instance, is looking out for his beloved. The old man will say: "This is foolishness. Once upon a time I also busied myself with such things but now I need not any beloved." But this is not so for the young man. Night after night he sleeps not, gets up early, walks here and there, looking out for his girl with the dark brilliant eyes. His mother and father wonder what is happening to their son. The son says: "The new idea is what will bring forth in me new life - that is what I am looking for." Who is right? I say: the youth.
Once upon a time a fox passed by a tall apple tree and on its highest branch she saw hanging a piece of good cheese. She looked at it, passed on, and said, "that is no good." Why? Because it was high up and she could not reach it. But if it had been down, within her reach, she would have said that a better cheese than this one she had never eaten.

There are hints about the New Humanity in the New Testament and specially in Revelation. The Evangelist John, two thousand years ago, saw the woman pregnant with this great idea, the New Humanity, and fixed the number of the chosen ones, the bearers of this idea at 144 000 persons. If you add these numbers 1+4+4 = 9, the number 9 signifies an evolution of men who have all the positive, noble qualities.

Some would say that these l44 000 persons are in heaven. No, they are now here, on earth; they are incarnated among the intelligent people. Some of them are writers; others, poets or men of science; and all of them push humanity forward on the path toward the new idea, toward the Divine.
These are the enemies of darkness, of the fetters that enchain humanity. And the world-wise unrest, this great change that is coming, is due to them. They will turn this world upside down. Don't take this for a bad omen. In Bulgaria, when a person drinks water and chokes, the Bulgarians, turn him with his head downward so that he may vomit the wrongly swallowed water. Even so people today have swallowed much unclean water, and they must be turned head downward in order that this water might flow out. After everything unclean flows out, they will once more be turned with their head upward and the new life will begin. Some of you may say: "We do not care for this New Humanity, seeing the present sufferings." We must understand that suffering is necessary for the development of man. We have only now, in this age, started to suffer because we have become more sensitive. It is true that contemporary people suffer more, but suffering is noble and it will transform society. Doesn't every pregnant mother pass through some suffering, some painful experience? She suffers until the baby in her womb is formed, but when it is born she is released from suffering.

At present a new age is coming on earth and about this the present occultism says that a new wave will come forth from the sun. If I use new words you will not understand them and my speech would become obscure. This wave which comes forth now touches the human brain and some people under its influence become eccentric. Eccentric is the man who either talks not, or if he talks much, his speech is incoherent. These are extremes which exist among people, but the correct development has its norms. Some say that speech must always be logical. I am of the opinion that there are three types of logic in the world. The first is purely materialistic logic; the second, logic of sensible persons; and the third, Divine Logic. No untruth is allowed in the Divine Logic and therefore in order that man may operate with the last two logics he must have a noble and lofty soul; that is, he must be ready to sacrifice himself for his brothers and live not merely for his own good.
And therefore, the basic idea of the new teaching is brotherhood. Brotherhood must be applied in homes. The mother and father must understand this fundamental law of brotherhood in order that they may create new conditions for bringing up children.

Some youth is violent, makes mischief. How is he being dealt with according to the old type of education? He is punished and imprisoned. In the prison he loses his health and later the State must take care of him. This youth could become an excellent citizen. It is only that he has an outburst of energy which must be wisely channeled into work. You say about him: "Yes, but he is a sinner, a criminal." Society has created conditions which he cannot cope with.
And instead of studying the Living God, the Living Nature and dealing accordingly, we oppose one another, thinking that there are many laws in the world. No, Living Nature has only one law which applies both to rich and to poor. The poor say: "This rich man has everything he desires to eat and to drink, lives richly, and I have nothing." But you do not know that this man's suffering is only put off for forty or fifty years. Doesn't Nature take equally the fat of the poor and of the rich? What does Nature wish to say by taking the fat of people? Nature tells them: "You have not yet learned the law of Brotherhood."

If you read the first chapter of Genesis you will see that God says to Adam and Eve: "You will eat of all fruits except one and the day you eat of this one fruit, you will die. "The forbidden fruit is egoism."A person who wants people to work for him, who lives on their backs, a person who takes the bread out of the mouths of widows and orphans, a person who wishes to fight many nations - he eats from the forbidden fruit. Therefore, we all must be followers of the Great Teaching. Has Christ ever taught to wage war, to fight each other, or to pray that God will help one of the fighting sides? A thousand or two thousand years ago this had some meaning, but now it has outlived its time. Where is that orthodoxy which is being paraded as true Christianity? I speak to those who term themselves true Christians; they must act according to their beliefs and laws. Someone says: "I am not a Christian." What are then the laws and beliefs according which you live? "I am a free thinker." Then act according to your free thought. We must give the right of free thought to every person because there is something good, something noble in each soul. Give opportunity to every man and he will raise himself up. If he lives under unfavorable conditions - he falls down.

I have given this example before and I shall give it now again. An Italian painter wanted to paint the image of Christ and walked around the town looking attentively at all faces, hoping to find the suitable one. And he found a youth of about twenty and painted Christ after his image. The work was good. Ten years later the same painter decided to paint Judas and started looking for a suitable face. He found a young man in prison and asked him to pose for the picture. The young man said: "Sir, it is strange, ten years ago I posed to you for the image of Christ, now you want me to pose for Judas!" Inside these ten years the sinful life he had lead has so much changed the face of the youth that he looked like Judas.

If a young woman walks in the sinful paths of life and comes to a brothel, Won't this kind of life stamp her face? Such a dissolute woman told me one day that while she had money her husband lived with her, and after he used up all her money, he left her to her fate and she turned to evil paths. She said: "I want to go to church but they do not accept me there." This woman has the craving for a pure life and when her conditions change she will raise up herself.

And of those free women who wish to serve their sensuality, people say: "Such women are needed in the world."I say: No, we must take out of the brothels these our sisters and put them on the right path and show them how to live. The bearers of the new idea, of altruistic feeling, of the idea of the Divine Teaching, are coming now, and they are the ones who will intercede for all fallen and unjustly treated.

These people are not just anybody, they have sings on their faces, in their eyes, on their hands, You will recognize them. Here are their sings: if the bearer of the New Teaching is a doctor when he comes to your home he will bring all the medicine you need and will take from you no money but will say: "I serve for nothing." If he is a priest, when you ask him to baptize your child or read a burial service he will not accept any money but will only say: "I serve the New Teaching." If he is a trader, he will trade honestly; if he is a teacher, he will teach for nothing. You will object: "If we all work for nothing the world will be bankrupted." Yes, the present world will be changed but new beliefs will spring forth. Some will ask: "How is it possible to work for nothing, how shall we live without money?" I ask, how many thousands are being paid to the mother and the father to rear and feed and educate four or five children? Is there a law which decrees that the mother and the father get up five or six times a night and watch over their little children? There is no such law and no such enforcement, and in spite of this, such work goes on more smoothly and naturally than other work subjected to laws issued by the State.

Therefore, the mother and father show us the first law which we have to obey. I say: If you live as parents and children live in a home or as brothers and sisters, you are on the right path. From the point of view of the New Humanity no great catastrophe awaits us. It is true, a great collision is forthcoming in the world, but it is for those buildings which have no solid foundations, for all those rotten trees which have no healthy roots. A great idea is forthcoming which will overthrow them; this is a law, a ventilation which will clean up everything rotten and only the healthy will remain in the world.

When suffering comes your way don't ask the reason. I say: The sun is the reason for all misfortune and for all happiness on earth; it gives birth to all floods, all epidemics and all diseases in the world; it calls forth all earthquakes, it is the reason for everything that is being done in the whole of Nature. And the sun says: "If you are wise, you will wisely use my energy and I shall shower on you all blessings; if you are not wise, I shall inflict on you the greatest suffering." The sun can change its energy but it will always shine and the earth will always rotate. I tell you this: In the high mechanics of the occult science there is a statement that in the movement of a wheel, once in every 100 million rotations there is an exception. Our earth is also such a wheel. And when it rotates around the sun 100 million times an exception will come to pass in its movement too, which exception will be expressed either along a descending line, disastrously, or along an ascending line, beneficially. Such exceptions have happened before and such an exception is forthcoming. Our earth has made so many rotations and is very near to the exception. I shall not fix the date when this exception is to take place. You will not believe me now but when this day comes, then you will believe.

We can also apply this occult law to the sun. When it makes 100 million rotations, an exception occurs. The contemporary men of science say that the sun needs many millions of years for one revolution. Do you know what will become of the world when the sun shall make such an exception? If this exception falls into the descending line, the whole solar system will be extinguished, our sun will be darkened and all life will cease. If the exception falls into an ascending line, the sun's energy will be increased tenfold and then people on earth must watch out!

Therefore, at hand is an approximate coincidence: the sun and the earth both have made their 100 million rotations and their two exceptions are forthcoming. This is a statement which I can prove mathematically with facts and data but not here at this moment. Time is needed to prove to you the formulae and the facts which the occult science uses. I do not intend to instill fear but I say that there are exceptions and every man must be ready at his post to meet them. Christ says: "Blessed is that servant who is awake and watching so that when his Lord comes he will not find him asleep." If you think that in eating and drinking, life will flow on peacefully and quietly, you are being deceived.

Some men of science insist that man has not lived on earth for more than eight thousand years but here occult science is also at variance. It declares that man has lived much longer than this.

That man has lived for more than eight thousand years is being proved by the bones and skulls left over from those times, and he has really lived much longer still - but the proof will not be accepted by the public. Even if such facts be made public, the connection between them is so delicate that it can be said that there is almost no connection. In one of my lectures I once said that the thumb defines the development of man's will. Some say that this is illogical. But truly, the thumb is the result of man's will. In times of old when they wanted to punish some thickheaded man, to make him stop his offenses, they cut off his two thumbs. Then I ask: Why is the thumb of some persons longer than that of others? - Why do some have better formed thumbs than others? All this has some meaning, it points to the development of the will and reason in man.

If you look a man's thumb you will see how the development of this soul goes on. If the development is correct, the thumb is correct too, and there is no crookedness;if there is crookedness,there is deformation in his character. If your nose, your eyes and mouth are crooked this has significance. The doctor says: "Here is an abnormality, en apoplexy." I say: "Here is a disharmony between the organs of the body, between the connections of the forces, between the thoughts and feelings which act in the man." If I develop this new science only theoretically and do not include practice, it makes no sense. Every reality must have a form. I speak of realities which are fixed quantities, the way the mathematicians deal with formulae; the chemists, with molecules and atoms; the physicists, with forces; as with something fixed and defined, not abstract.

We say that man has a soul. Is soul a fixed unit; where does it live? In the brain, in the heart, in the lungs or in the stomach, where can it be found? The contemporary science can say nothing about the soul.

Now let me go back to my trend of thought. The New Humanity must begin with Man's anatomy. When you begin to build a house, first of all you set up the woodwork of the building, then you prepare the scaffolding of the building, and then you start to build. The scaffolding - is anatomy. Some say: "We need no anatomy!" No, you cannot go without it. There is no child, no mother or father who does not learn anatomy. When you sew a garment, you start again with anatomy. The patterns are anatomical signs and according to these you cut the garment. Therefore, people do study life anatomically: they always cut. What is incision?

In the New Humanity you will study not only anatomy but physiology also. How do you study physiology when you are building your house? You put windows and chimneys so that more air flows through. What is the subject of physiology? The functions of the various organs,the function of the heart, the circulation of the blood. To obtain more favorable conditions in our life, physiology is needed in every home. You that now build your house: do you have big windows? I recommend to you: make bigger windows and doors on your houses, open larger chimneys. I like big chimneys and I am against these stoves which are being used now. You say: "My grandfather and my grandmother once upon a time were very healthy persons." Yes, but your grandfather has big chimneys in his house, ventilation was good; and you slide backward, you live in carbon dioxide and of course you will not be healthy. Good ventilation is necessary.

What do the Bulgarians? They clog up their windows with paper so that no draft comes in, they are afraid of catching cold. It is better to catch cold than to breathe carbon dioxide. The men of the New Humanity are already living; they will increase in order to carry over the world their new ideas. You, all of you, might, become members of this New Humanity. Who does not like brotherhood and equality? Is there a father who does not wish his son to become educated, and not to remain ignorant? The New Humanity requires of every man to be honest, to subdue his egoism, to be just, wise and good. And not only on the surface, but to have these qualities absolutely; to be so honest that he will never sacrifice somebody else's interest for his own good, but always his interest for fellow's good. You might say, if we apply this, we shall be overtaken by suffering and misfortunes. I ask, is there happiness through the application of the present-day ideas? Were not thirty millions killed in the war, are not the prisons full?

And this very day people die because they serve the old culture, which teaches that man must be wolf to man. But Christ says: "You are brethren."
Do I create this Teaching? I say: If you are not willing to obey Christ's Teaching, obey Moses's, if you are not, willing to obey Moses's, then obey the laws of your country, anyway, act as an honest and just man, do not break your word. And obey either Moses or Christ. You mix up the laws. Some ask me: "Do you always say the truth?" Yes, I have thought over every word I say. If I speak honestly, justly I speak for my good; I do not wish to pollute my honor; I wish neither to disgrace my brothers, nor the name of God, but I hope when I meet you some day you will know that I have always been honest and just in my soul and mind, and that you also walk in this path. Only in this way, through this teaching, can the mothers and fathers become better; any other teaching brings suffering, suffering, suffering.

This brotherhood is being practiced There are fixed forms and laws in the occult science. The laws of the White Brotherhood, of these 144000 bright souls, have not been changed a particle during these 100 millions of years. That is why I say that the laws of Nature are wise and unchangeable. Every thought can give a result thousands of years later. If you plant a bad thought it can cause your death. If I explain your life with its everyday incidents, I can consider it from the standpoint of the Hindus, from the point of view of the occultists, and also from a Christian point of view. And in all these points of view the truth will remain one and the same. For instance, you meet a man and he kills you. In this case, we, the contemporary Christians,say: "God has willed it so." I say: God never said, neither wrote, that I kill somebody, I did this and God only allowed it. The Hindu law explains it thus: you have killed him in former life and therefore when he meets you now, he kills you, who had killed him.

You can accept either one or the other explanation. You may say: "This is a heretical teaching, can a man be reborn?" He can and he cannot. As much as the one is right, so is the other. The belief in this is of no importance. The soul has the strength to create all its forms. It can come and live on earth as many times as it wills. If the soul wills to come to earth, God will sanctify its wish. That soul which wishes to be reborn, is reborn.

Therefore, in this respect, both Hindu and Christians are right. By "Soul" I mean that conscious divine soul which can return here as many times as it wishes. There is also another law in the world, which explains things in another way, so that they become plain and a common moral is originated. For instance, somebody commits a crime, he steals something from someone and says: "In the darkness nobody saw that I stole." Yes, but after the theft he looks around, he is afraid. Why? Conscience bathers him, it will torment him. What is conscience? These 144 000 persons, members of the White Brotherhood, say: "Sir, we saw the crime you committed and according our law which never changes, we sentence you and you will suffer the consequences of your deed. " Then this gentleman in order to relieve his conscience, goes into seclusion, fasts ten or twenty days and after that he goes to a priest to have something read over his head in order to be calmed. The priest must act according to the new teaching, and say: "Brother, you must confess before God. Wanting to redeem your crime with a ten or twenty days fast, is not right in the eyes of God."

And so, Christ must permeate the world. This is what the Brotherhood preached. And those shining Brothers are coming down now. They shall use these two exceptions, the exception of the sun and of the earth, and a new miracle will be realized as written in the Scripture: that there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and a New Humanity. I say: We must put an end to the old humanity, and in the future we shall live under the laws of the New Humanity. This is what the Brotherhood demands.

I do not preach some dead god. If you ask me: "Where is God? ", I shall answer: He is not in the heaven which you see. Some say: "Prove to us where God is." God needs no proving. The ant with its lower consciousness has no sense with which to know that man exists. When you take up an ant between your two fingers or when it climbs upon your head, it says to itself: "On what a high hill I managed to climb." It looks over life from this height and when it goes back to his fellows says unto them: "Today I climbed a very high mountain." Thus God takes us between His two fingers and we ask: "Is there a God?" Yes, He is these two fingers and tells us: "On my head you cannot climb." If you see not the living God in your brothers, you do not understand this teaching. If I do not see God in you, my teaching is a lie. If I do not love you and am not ready to sacrifice myself for you, I preach a false teaching. And you must sacrifice yourselves.

There must be brotherhood in this world. You must accept this teaching. It is being preached by all good people, by all mothers and fathers, by all brothers and sisters. This world needs self-sacrifice. Enough of lies! Some one asks: "How much will I be paid if I serve?" No need of payment. I speak for those that consider themselves Christians, I do not speak for the others. That is why Christ says: "Who are not Christians let them go out, so that it be known who are for and who are against."

I shall give you an example. In old times, in the so-called Golden Age, there were two kingdoms: the kingdom of the Espertites and the kingdom of the Menezites. The king of the Espertites had a son and according to the custom of the time called the wise men to ascertain his future. One of those great wise men made his calculations and said to the king: "About the age of twenty your son will pass through a crisis. For this reason you must send him to be a shepherd in another kingdom so that there he may learn the great laws of Living Nature. The father believed in the indications of the wise man and said to his son: "My son, henceforth you must earn your living with your own hands," and sent him off to be a shepherd in the kingdom of the Menezites. There the youth lived for ten years and he studied the laws of Nature. During the eleventh year of his sojourn in this kingdom the daughter of the king of the Menezites came to this place riding a white horse. She was accompanied by her servants, but tempted by the beauty of nature strode away alone, and a cobra came out from among the stones and bit her hand. The shepherd, the prince, seeing this, and knowing the laws of Nature, ran to her, put his mouth to her hand and sucked out the poison, but her servants, watching from afar thought that he was offending the king's daughter, and bent their bows and sent a poisonous shaft into his left hand. When the king's daughter saw this she came quickly to him, tore the sleeve of his shirt, put her mouth to his arm and sucked out the poison. I ask, who was saved by whom? The young man saved the maiden from the snake's poison, but the maiden saved him from the poison of the shaft. The young man said to the maiden: "You suffered from the snake's poison and I from the human poison."

Now, women suffer from the poison of the snake. Do you know what is the snake? It is their extreme egoism. Woman and man must save each other from this poison. Woman must suck out the poison of man's egoism and man must suck out the poison of woman's distorted heart. Only in this way women and men can join hands, can come to know that they live together and can begin to understand each other.

And I believe that a great warmth is coming which will melt away the ice. Vapors will rise up from the mountains and clear, pure brooks will flow down. Then luxuriant growths will come forth, the seeds planted thousands of years ago will sprout, will bloom, and will give fruit, and the nations of the entire white race will join hands with each other. This new culture for which man scarcely dares to hope shall come into the world. And all shall be citizens of the new culture, of this New Humanity.

I would like that all of you may be guests at the dinner table of this New Humanity. You are all invited, but please, do not refuse, as two thousand years ago, when Christ invited many people to a feast, they refused under so many pretexts: some had to plough their fields, others had just bought five pairs of oxen and had to try them, still others were going to be married. What they were all really saying was: "We denounce your new culture! "

Christ comes again and again and asks the white race to take up this new teaching. Now we shall take as divine all the good people who have for five centuries pastured herds and shall use them for the erecting of this great Divine Building, this Temple of the New Humanity; for Life is not built of but one stone. And when we build our Temple of the New Humanity then at last Wisdom and Love shall come to the earth. There will be music and poetry; there will be beauty. And only then shall there be justice for all, and order shall reign. Only then shall there be understanding among all peoples. Only then can we give one another a sacred kiss through which we feel the joy that angels feel.

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Re: The coming of the Golden Age

Love is the world in which the Divine Spirit lives.

The greatest world known to sages of all times, the world of which Christ speaks, is the world of Love.

And when we say that God is Love, we understand that Love is the essence from which all things proceed.

All worlds, through all eternity, have come forth and shall come forth from the source of Love.

Everything in the world lives in Love and by Love.

Everything that we see - stellar systems, suns, planets - all are manifestations of Love.

The entire cosmos in its completeness, the whole physical world is Love, manifested and materialized.

This is the great "body of God".

Outside of Love, we do not know God. Love is connected with all living beings. There is not a living being - there is no living matter - that is not influenced in one way or another by Love, that is not closely connected with it.

God, who is Love, is not only outside us, in the universe, but within us also.

He is the living bond between all that is "without" and "within".

Love enfolds all within itself. Love in itself is infinite, and everything outside it is finite.

Therefore, we say: Only Love is eternal. From it flows all life. Love brings the fullness of life.

Good, which is a fruit of Love, is contained within it.

Wisdom is also contained within Love, because it represents the forms through which God's Love is manifested.

Truth is included within Love, too. It is the purest image of Love.

Righteousness is also included within Love.

Therefore, the absolute Divine Love implies absolute Righteousness.

Where there is no righteousness, there is no love.

The physical aspect of Love is Righteousness.

In order that Love be manifested on earth, there must necessarily be Righteousness. Love is long suffering and charitable, but absolute Love requires absolute Righteousness.

Only he who is enlightened with Righteousness is capable of receiving divine Love.

Christ is Love, manifested in Righteousness, which shines forth within those who love Him.

Love is only for the great, strong souls.

Enormous energy is hidden within the man in whom Love dwells.

Remember: Love is not for the sick. Love is only for healthy people.

The sick and the dead do not love. Only the living, who are filled with the Divine Spirit - they are the ones whose hearts pulsate with Love.

Do not be deluded: the sick, the spiritually dead, are not illuminated by Love.

And when you hear someone say: "I am a man of cold reason, I cannot love, I have no time to spend on such trifles," know that that man is foolish.

The wisest, the greatest thing in the world is Love.

The wisest Being, of whom it is said that He is Love, loves. He Who has created the worlds, Who has made everything, Who has filled everything with life, Who has made all sacrifices - He loves, and this pygmy with his "cold reason" has no time to love!

Christ descended to earth to proclaim Love, and the persons of "cold reason" cannot love!

Journey through the heavens, the whole universe, tour through all worlds, and all will tell you that God is Love.

And if you ask an angel: "Does God love us?", he will answer you: "Better ask me to give up all my consciousness, everything that I have acquired throughout all ages, than oblige me to answer your question - whether God loves you!"

Indeed, God cannot be untrue to Himself. If we accept that God could be untrue to Himself, we admit that there exists some exterior force that could limit Him. And that is unthinkable. Love is unchanging. It always illuminates us.

Remember the words of the Scripture: "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believe in Him should not perish, but have eternal life."

This means: that because God loved the world, He sacrificed His most beautiful, most elevated, His "only begotten Son," in order to uplift those souls who believe in Love.

And truly, one can believe in but one thing: in Love. Any other belief is false.

Love stands above nationality. Love stands above any religion. Love itself creates the religions.

There are no religions in the divine world. There exists only Love. The atmosphere of the divine world is Love. Therein everything breathes Love.

Religions appear because Love cannot manifest itself on earth.

If you wish to do the will of God, by all means, replace religion with Love.

Then everyone who loves you will be priests and ministers in your temple.

The greatest thing in the world is to come to know God as Love.

The beauty of our life is in our connection with God, who is Love.

Love contains within itself all conditions, all possibilities, all methods by which the human soul might develop to its fullness.

Only love can awaken within the soul its hidden potentialities.Science and art cannot be the stimuli for the awakening of the human soul. This is temporary knowledge.

The only true work in the world is the science of Love. It is the great object of learning for the soul.

When man becomes conscious of love as a great and mighty power, his soul and spirit awaken, and he enters into actual connection with the physical, the spiritual, and divine worlds. Only through love can man understand the relationship that exists between these worlds, as well as the meaning of life.

Do not forget one thing: in the life of a man there are only ten good opportunities to come in contact with love. Every ten years there is a possibility for that mighty power to start working. The remaining part of man's life is assigned to learning.

If man succeeds in grasping one of those possibilities - one of the rays of the great sun illuminating the entire cosmos - then everything that is lofty and noble in his soul will begin to bloom, bear fruit and ripen.

The fruits of the soul ripen only under the rays of that sun.

When the first ray of Love shines out for you, you will experience within your soul such indescribable bliss, such light, such a mighty impulse in your mind, and such a striving of your will, that all obstacles of the world will begin to melt before you.

A few moments of existence within the divine Love are infinitely more precious than a thousand years of ordinary human life spent in great pleasures and enjoyments.

In loving, we seek God. We have to love God in order to receive and experience Him.

In receiving Him, we experience His wisdom.

It is written in the Scripture: "Thou shall Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor as thyself."

This is the only law that manifests itself in three worlds.

Loving God, you are in the divine world.

Loving yourself, your soul, you are in the spiritual world.

Loving your neighbor, you are in the physical world.

If man adheres to this law, there will be no power in the world that can resist him, no thought that will not be subject to him and that will not help him to attain his ideal.

However, remember a great truth: only God loves because God is Love. There is no man who can love of himself.

Man can be only a channel of Love, but he cannot love of himself.

To want someone to love you, means that you want God to love you.

God, desiring to manifest His Love towards you on earth, has to select a person as an instrument and manifest Himself to you through this person.

It is enough even if only one person on earth loves you.

Love, in its divine sense, is an intelligent manifestation of two exalted souls at the same level of mind, of heart and of aspirations - two souls equally noble and spiritually uplifted.

Only two such souls can understand each other.

Love between two such souls is like music. Because only two true virtuosos can play together.

Often you ask: "Who loves us?" In the presence of the person who loves you in the divine way, whatever grief you might have, whatever disappointment you might have gone through, they all disappear at once. You will feel relieved and enlightened.

Love is recognized by the following feeling: when a person loves someone, he sympathizes with him, he treats him as he treats himself. If this feeling is not manifested, indeed, there is no Love.

The feeling of forgiveness comes out of love. Only love forgives.

True Love is stronger than death. He who loves never dies. Love brings immortality. People die because of lack of love.

If a mother has strong and unfailing love towards her children, death cannot take them away from her. Nothing can separate two beings whom love has united - death nor any power on earth. Love forms the most enduring ties in life. And when two souls are linked in such an enduring union by the power of love, they form one soul, twice as mighty and bright, with two consciousnesses. These two souls, when they meet another two souls united in this same way, come in contact with them and form a still mightier soul. The four souls then unite with another four and form a still mightier collective soul. So this divine process of love continues, that alone is able to form enduring, inseparable unions between souls.

In this way, all souls unite in the divine Love into a whole so mighty, so enduring that no power in the world can sever its inseparable ties.

Each soul of that whole lives within the other souls and they live in it. Thus unity in plurality and plurality in unity is realized.

The salvation of man depends entirely on Love. And when Love manifests itself in man, even though he has fallen, he can at once rise above the circumstances.

The happiness of man too depends on love. In happiness man feels a broadening and a completeness, due to the Love that has come to him. Then man hears the voices of all living beings and feels the pulse of the universal life.

Love is the collective manifestation of all intelligent beings who have ended their evolution and have become one with God. The love of one of these beings is the collective love of all.

And if the love of one being is not the collective manifestation of all intelligent beings, it is not love at all.

Therefore, the supreme, ideal love is manifested in love towards all people without their suspecting its source. To love men even when they hate you and wish you evil, to serve them continually, without their knowing it - that is ideal love, that is serving God. This is one of the fundamental traits of divine Love - it comes to us regardless of whether we are sinners or not.

Magic strength is hidden in Love. It is the key which opens everything that is closed. Love has its own sacred name - the lost magic word that the cabalistic searched for throughout all ages.

The sacred name of Love - that is the magic key to immortal life. With it all negative energies are transformed into positive ones. A man can do anything with it. That is why it is said that everything is possible through Love.

The only power that can magically reconstruct the entire being of man is Love. It has to penetrate everywhere within him, penetrate to the smallest recesses of his soul in order to transform him.

Love must fill the human spirit. It must manifest itself fully, perfectly, boundlessly within the human soul. It must abide also in the heart of man as its essence and content. It must act in his mind as a cherished power.

There are four manifestations of Love in man.

Love is aspiration within the heart.

Love is feeling within the soul.

Love is power in the mind.

Love is principle in the spirit.

And that is the whole cycle of development, from beginning to end.

Love as aspiration moves toward the center of the earth. These are the roots of Love.

Love as emotion moves toward the sun - these are the branches. Love as power is manifested only in geniuses and in saints. It is manifested in all who sacrifice themselves for a divine cause.

Self-sacrifice is a manifestation of love as power.

Only a man who has intellect can attain the realization of love as power.

Love as principle is just entering the world.

It embraces everything.

When Love manifests as power, there exist attraction, repulsion and contradictions. When Love manifests as principle, all contradictions cease.

Man must pass through all phases of love. He has to pass through love as aspiration - through its roots; through love as emotion - through its branches; through love as power - through its blossoms, and then enter into love as principle to taste the divine fruit of Love.

The world will not be transformed until Love permeates it.

Love is a great fire that brings life.

There is not a more terrible power than Love for those who are in disharmony with it.

The torments of hell will be theirs. The fire of Love, like a great wave, is coming now into the world.

It will melt everything that cannot endure the high intensity of Love.

When Love is not understood correctly, its sweet juice, by the action of a certain astral fermentation, is turned into a peculiar type of wine.

People get intoxicated by this wine when the impulse of love appears within them and they commit thousands of sins and crimes.

But you, who think, recognize this wine of human love, which is formed subsequently from the sweet juices of Love.

Go fearlessly down to the roots of Love.

Expand yourself among its branches.

Bloom as a flower of Love.

Become the fruit of Love.

And when you enter into the world where Love's fruits ripen, you will sing the song of him who has completed the great circle of Love - from roots to fruit.

Listen to that song:

"God is Love,

eternal, boundless,

full of life -

life of the gentle Divine Spirit,

the Spirit of sanctity,

the Spirit of charity,

the Spirit of complete peace and joy for every soul."

And you will hear the response of the loving souls:

"We shall walk on that path of Light,

within which reigns Divine Love."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)


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South Africa
10/16/2012 08:56 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
Thank you.
with consciousness
as consciousness
in consciousness.
Anonymous Coward
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10/16/2012 09:09 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
The coming of the Golden CAge
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25671016

yeah!.. tbtp are fucking smart..
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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10/16/2012 09:13 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
The Golden Age

« Man was built by Cosmic Intelligence in such a way that he can fulfil himself and attain his full stature only by maintaining ties with a higher world from which he receives light and strength. When human beings rely exclusively on their own limited intellect they deprive themselves of true understanding, and it is this lack that is the cause of all their disastrous mistakes. When men are motivated only by a lust for material possessions and power and act in total disregard for the plans of Cosmic Intelligence, they stir up layers of the physical and psychic atmosphere and arouse formidable forces whose fury is turned against them.

The Age of Aquarius will soon be upon us and the tremendous upheavals accompanying it will oblige human beings to understand the reality of the invisible world and the laws that govern it. But the beauty, splendour and harmony of the new life that will emerge from these upheavals will be beyond anything imagined by man. All those who have been secretly working for the coming of the Kingdom of God throughout the world will join forces and work together, and the bastions of ignorance, materialism and despotism will crumble and collapse.

This I tell you. And it will be: nothing can prevent the coming of the new era, the new Golden Age. »

Anonymous Coward (OP)
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10/16/2012 09:41 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age

The Master lifted the corners of the curtain and, for an instant, revealed the future which is descending from Above. For the ordinary man, this was like a fairy tale from One Thousand and One Nights. Nevertheless, this was the real Life towards which humankind is headed.

The Master said:

"Each new epoch is a creative Act of God. Modern times cannot be compared to the future which is coming. Now a nucleus of people from all nations is forming in the world - English, French, German, Russian, American, Japanese, Chinese, Bulgarian, Turk, Serb - both black and white - are forming a new race: a nation with a new understanding which is different from the present. Who unites these spirits? The Great Divine Law attracts them that they may come to know one another and work together. I ask, 'Could the Bulgarians be a contingent of such people?' Yes, they can. If the Bulgarians do not send their representatives there, they will be its servants. Those nations who send their representatives to this nucleus - their names will be inscribed upon this great kingdom; and those who do not - their names will be erased. The Scriptures stated thousands of years ago, 'Those peoples which do not serve God, do not have a future.'

"A glorious moment is coming for which you must prepare. Be glad for your future, for that which is awaiting you.

"Everywhere - in all nations - there are people present of the sixth race. You can encounter representatives of the sixth race as an intelligent child, as a noble youth or as an old man."

One sister asked, "Are we going to see them?"

The Master replied:

"You have seen them. It is said in the Scriptures, 'All nations will come together and the Name of God will be glorified.' From the twelve tribes of Israel, one understands that humankind will be united. The twelve tribes are the 12 symbols of the zodiac, the 12 qualities of humankind.

"People have small ideas. The Bulgarians wish for a great Bulgaria; the Serbs - a great Serbia. All wish to be great. In the Kingdom of God, all nations must be united. By 'the Kingdom of God,' one should understand the people of the sixth race. They will live as brothers. All nations will be represented in one unity.

"Those who do not understand the prophecies are worried about the future. Read Chapter 60 from Isaia. This chapter is about the coming of the sixth race. In the Epistle of Jude, verse 14, it is written, 'Behold, the Lord has come with ten thousands of his holy ones to execute judgement upon all, and to convict all the impious of all their impious works which they have done.' This is about an epoch whose beginning is now. Until now, the good were being cultivated in the greenhouse, but when the Kingdom of God comes all flowers will leave the greenhouse - natural growing conditions will exist for them.

"From the Invisible World, Advanced Beings - people of the new Love or the so-called forerunners of humankind - are coming. These are workers who are coming from Above. When they find souls who are ready to work, they will incarnate in them and will work through them.

"New ideas are coming into this world. They clash with the old ones. Why? Because the old refuses to give up its realm. The new will reform the world radically. The old systems will be replaced with new ones. The one who accepts these new ideas will be transformed. His face will become illuminated and will take on a new expression. We are in a transitional epoch. We will all pass into the new epoch and will live in a new way. The old forms have become obsolete. The old life has no more material for work. The time has come for all people to raise their consciousness a step upward and give way to the Divine Power."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

Anonymous Coward (OP)
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10/16/2012 09:42 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age

"Each race is notable for certain qualities: the black race - for its imagination and powerful feelings; the red - for its activity: they apply geometry and mathematics; the yellow race is notable for its objective mind;

the white race - for its rationality: ever since it has come to earth, it has measured things on scales and studied them.

"The sixth race which is at hand has within itself all the good qualities of all of the races which have preceded. In this regard, it represents the essential synthesis of the human virtues.

"While living on earth man passes through the phases of the preceding races. As cautious as one might be, he nevertheless will pass through the phases of the preceding races and - if he is of an independent mind - will learn from them.

"The sixth race is the race of Justice and of the Kingdom of God. The sixth race is already coming, and then the Kingdom of God - on a small scale will be established on earth."

A brother asked, "Master, is not justice inferior when compared to the Kingdom of God? Because, according to the law of justice, the one who works less will earn less, whereas according to the higher Law, everyone must receive according to his needs."

The Master replied:

"The Kingdom of God and Justice are one and the same. I am speaking here of Divine Justice.

"The culture of the mind creates the external forms. The sixth race will impart content to these forms.

"Each race has given something of itself. The race which follows - the race of Love - will give the most. It will be represented by noble, luminous souls. It will bring to earth the new culture. The ideas of the sixth race are like the air: they permeate all, even now.

"The Slavs will give an impulse to the sixth race. After the events which are happening now, the sixth race will become active in life. It will begin to take leadership. Many more representatives of the sixth race will be present on earth than at the moment. They will give a new direction to the culture. The Slavic people will serve as the base for the engraftment of the sixth race."

One brother asked, "Is there a possibility that the representatives of sixth race will appear in Bulgaria?"

The Master answered:

"Yes, the conditions exist. For several thousand years Bulgaria has been worked upon for this purpose.

"The sixth race will give order to the world. It will take up leadership in its hands. The Divine in man puts to sleep the base - the animal nature - within him. For thousands of years it has been lulling it to sleep in a manner similar to lulling a snake to sleep. The learned ones who will come will put order and structure into the world. These are the people of the sixth race.

"The awakened people from all nations will form the sixth race.

"Slowly but surely you are advancing towards the sixth race. It is in store for you to meet with the luminous souls who love you. Do not waiver and do not doubt!

"In the sixth race, each will be aware that others have the same rights and privileges as he does.

"It has been said, 'If you are not born again..." These words imply the sixth race. The rebirth about which the Christians are speaking refers to the entering into the sixth race; and repentance and conversion, etc. - are the preparation. The 'born again' are already in the sixth race. Within it death will exist no more. When the time comes to depart, one will dematerialize, will become invisible. Cemeteries will no longer exist. They will exist only for the remainder, not for those of the sixth race.

"As at present, existing simultaneously with the white race, there are the black, the red, the yellow - the same will be with the sixth race. We are only paving the way for Love which is the sixth race. The people of Love will be different.

"The words in Scripture 'the first resurrection' are meant for them. The Manifestation of Love in humankind - this is the first resurrection.

"The sixth race brings positive beauty. The people of that race will have very regular features: they will be beautiful. They will be inspired by the high ideal within themselves which will make them beautiful. They will be a much more beautiful people than you have seen until now.

"The facial angle of the European is 80 degrees; in the dog it is 35 degrees. In the human being of the sixth race, it will be 90 degrees. "Rarely have I seen really beautiful people.

"The brows of the people of the sixth race will be more straight:

they will be curved very little, indicating that they are part of a very large Circle. The complexion of these people will be radiant like a figure illuminated by the sun. Light will emanate from their faces as if they were radiating. At night there will be no need of lamps. Wherever one goes, there will be light, because man will radiate light. Their eyes will see at a distance; they will see also in the dark. When you look at a man from a distance, you do not know who he is. But as a man of the sixth race, you will see the details from far away.

"We need to acquire that quality of light - selflessness, and that quality of water - suppleness. That which the light has accomplished in illuminating space, you should do as well. And that which the water has done in purifying things, you too should do.

"The man of the sixth race is already created, he exists. He has been there for thousands of years, but he is kept under guard, is hidden:

he is not shown to everybody. Nature exists as a closed book. The one who knows how to open it can read from it. Many look at this closed book from without only, only at its cover.

"With the coming of the sixth race, humankind will enter paradise and will depart from error.

"In the future, man will remember his past incarnations. It will be pleasing for him to remember them, but he will feel that he has departed from his old state - like the butterfly which previously had been a caterpillar.

"The man of the sixth race will be musical. When he visits one who is ill - just by singing to him or playing an instrument - the ill one will regain his health."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

Anonymous Coward
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10/16/2012 09:42 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
cool story, scro

now for some truth

Revelation 12:12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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10/16/2012 10:51 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age

TODAY, MANKIND STANDS WITNESS upon the eve of a great world transition. An unprecedented global metamorphosis is presently underway in preparation for a momentous leap in consciousness which the whole planet is about to take. As a result of the Earth's entry into the age of Aquarius and due to the new life-energies that are flooding the planet, every human being is today faced with a critical choice that shall greatly affect both the present course of their life and their future spiritual journey, throughout incalculable incarnations This book throws light upon the key issues that are directly relevant today during the dawn of the Aquarian age, so that the reader may make informed choices and so take advantage of the forthcoming unprecedented occasion

[link to books.google.ch]

[link to de.scribd.com]

Anonymous Coward (OP)
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10/16/2012 01:23 PM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
The Divine Seed

“It is necessary to know, to want, to dare... and to speak! To keep silent was good in the past, when it was dangerous to reveal the truth to humans. But now, those who keep silent will be rejected. In the future, when you speak, when you explain, you won't be transgressing the laws: on the contrary, you will be useful; you will be beneficial, because humans need these revelations. Some believe that the great initiatic truths mustn't be revealed; they haven't understood that there is an evolution now, and that certain rules which were good in the past are less-so in the present, and will no longer be good at all in the future. Why remain in old concepts?"

Thought of the day: "A seed is nothing other than a living being who ceaselessly calls upon the forces and materials of the cosmos so as to be able to accomplish its task. And its task is to resemble the tree that produced it. The Creator put into the seed the vocation to resemble its father, the tree. That's why, once planted – unless it's defective – all of its work will go in the direction of this vocation, taking from among the elements which surround it those which suit it, relinquishing the others, and it's in this way that it will come to express all the tendencies indicated in the diagram which it carries within it. It is the same thing for man. Since God created man in His image, he has the possibility, by developing himself correctly, of becoming like his Heavenly Father."

Everyone knows, even children, that every seed receives the elements from the tree which produced it which will allow it, once planted, to grow and become like its father, the tree. It's the same for man. It is said in the Scriptures that God created man in his image. People believe that they have understood the meaning of these words, but I can show you that their profound, essential side is not yet known.

What's in a seed? If you cut it to observe it through a microscope, you won't discover the image of the tree in it. Yet when you will have put it in the ground, this insignificant, and even sometimes ugly and black, little seed will give little by little, a plant with its roots, its stem, its flowers and leaves and fruits. Because the image of the future plant exists within it in an etheric form. So it's an entire work which develops according to a diagram, according to determined lines of force, so that the plant may have exactly the same characteristics – colors, tastes, perfumes, properties – as the one which produced it. Yes, it's extraordinary, but everyone finds that it's normal, natural; there is nothing there to ponder about nor to question. Actually, this growth process of the seed can reveal the mystery of man to us. Man also possesses a diagram within him according to which the forces which are in him are determined and oriented. What this diagram is and how to realize it: this is what I am going to reveal to you now. I have already spoken about it in the past, but since there are new brothers and sisters, it is necessary that they also know this; it is extremely important.

When I was very young in Bulgaria, among many other books which I have read, I read the books of a write, Louis Jacollieux, a Frenchman who had gone to India and who wrote many very interesting books. He relates somewhere that he saw some fakirs make a mango seed, for example, grow in very little time, and then distribute its fruits to the crowd. And Jacollieux explained the phenomenon by saying that the fakir works with a substance which in India is called "akasha". This etheric substance which is spread throughout space can be utilized to accelerate the growth of vegetation and to bring fruits to maturity in extremely rapid time. So then, he who knows how to concentrate on this akashic force is capable of making a tree grow in very little time, when it would normally take months or even years to accomplish its task. But non of the thinkers who have looked into this phenomenon have gone as far as discovering that, in the same way, the human being can accelerate his perfection. It is in man's vocation to arrive at the perfection of his Heavenly Father; even if this evolution must take centuries, millenniums, man is constructed so as to attain divine perfection. Actually, what one doesn't know is that he can attain this state of perfection in a single incarnation. Yes, it's possible, but on the condition that man be capable of finding this image of God within himself and nourishing it by using this akashic matter, this cosmic electricity, which Hermes Trismegistus in his emerald tablet called Telesma. Whatever the name given it, it is always a question of the same primordial force, "the most powerful force of all forces" as Hermes Trismegistus calls it, this force that comes from the sun, of which the sun is the distributor and the inexhaustible source. One of the manifestations of this force is love – love which makes the worlds move, and of which sexual love is an aspect.

So that is the true science which very few possess: how to work with this force to attain perfection, that perfection which is already engraved somewhere in us like in the seed. The seed doesn't resemble the tree, but the image of the tree is inscribed in it; if one puts it in good conditions, it becomes a tree, because the image of the tree is there somewhere already realized in the subtle domain, but not yet realized in the material, physical domain. So, the activity of this seed which we are, consists of drawing nearer and nearer to the image of our Heavenly Fathers which we carry within us, of vibrating in unison with Him.

One can say that this divine image within us is our Higher Self towards which we must aim in order to fuse ourselves with it, just like the little seed which was black and ugly that becomes a gigantic, rich, powerful tree. Look at an oak tree. first of all, it was a little nothing of an acorn, just about good enough to be eaten by a hog; and then one day one sees a magnificent tree that beautifies the forest: its leaves purify the atmosphere, birds build their nests in its branches, children hang their swings from it, lovers come to rest there, painters to be inspired for their paintings, peasants to collect wood to make their fires. What a magnificent tree an oak tree is, and yet, at first, it was nothing at all. We too, we are nothing at all, but if we know how to use this fantastic means, this most powerful of all forces, to work on the divine image which is in us, we will succeed in realizing ourselves such as the Lord conceived us.

It is said that God created man in His image and in His likeness. This image is within us, it is God himself who deposited it there, and it is up to us now to make the efforts to arrive at this likeness. But if you believe that humans intend to resemble the Creator... Becoming chemists, physicists, lawyers, bankers, ministers, movie actors, crooning singers, pedicurists, manicurists... That's what interests them! From the earthly point of view, of course, it's something very great, but from the initiatic point of view, it's zero. From the initiatic point of view the only activity worthy of this name, is to work at resembling our Heavenly Father, to at least make some efforts to arrive at it, to always go further, higher, in order to see things differently, in their immensity, in their splendor.

Why always stay there like an ant, a microbe, eating away at the body of living nature? To the point where Nature, who has enough of being disturbed, takes a few laxative pills and up! He who disturbed her is ejected! Or else, she also takes a pill to vomit, and how she vomits! Terrific collective vomits.... all are vomited! Now she is going to take some emetics again, because in her entrails she still feels some who disturb her. But humans never ask themselves the question; never do they think that their disorderly, anarchistic attitude makes a tumor of them in the body of Nature, and that Nature, which is alive, defends herself. It's like some who go to tickle the feet of the Lord.... They are surprised afterwards that they receive a kick. It isn't the feet of the Lord that we must touch, but His heart, then you obtain everything you desire.

It is necessary to know, to want, to dare... and to speak! To keep silent was good in the past, when it was dangerous to reveal the truth to humans. But now, those who keep silent will be rejected. In the future, when you speak, when you explain, you won't be transgressing the laws: on the contrary, you will be useful; you will be beneficial, because humans need these revelations. Some believe that the great initiatic truths mustn't be revealed; they haven't understood that there is an evolution now, and that certain rules which were good in the past are less-so in the present, and will no longer be good at all in the future. Why remain in old concepts?

That doesn't mean, of course, that one must reveal no-matter-what to no-matter-whom, for there too it's risky. And if the Initiates of the past had given as a precept, "to keep silent", it is because they knew that the secrets of Initiatic Science could become very dangerous arms in the hands of egoistic, self-seeking, cruel people who would use them in their own interests to the detriment of others. For look how things happen even now. Since there are so many revelations in occult literature at present concerning the power of thought, how it can influence humans, move objects, etc., it seems that, already, there are crews of people practicing in this domain to be able to influence the athletes who will participate in the Olympic Games in Moscow and in this way make some win and others lose. It is black magic, and that's how black magic is going to become collective.

That's why, my dear brothers and sisters, we must practice in WHITE magic, we must work with LIGHT, with LOVE, so as to prevent the black magicians from annihilating the world. I am warning you: more and more the black magicians are going to manifest themselves, so practice sending LIGHT, HARMONY, in order to prevent black magic from triumphing. This is how one day the Universal White Brotherhood will be the savior of humanity.

As soon as new discoveries appear, there are always all sorts of people with no morality or conscience who want to take advantage of them to impose themselves, to crush others. It is always that prehistoric nature which manifests itself in man to push him to utilize the means which fall into his hands to assure his superiority.

Man is never first inspired to do good, but always evil. That is why several humanities have already disappeared, and ours will disappear also, if morality, love and goodness don't take the upper hand. When one lets the intellect predominate, considering that, of itself, it has no morality, it concerns itself only with putting new scientific and technical means at man's disposal, without asking what he will use them for. And if the heart doesn't come in to say its word, all these means will serve only for the ruin of humanity. There were, in the past, cultures and civilizations which surpassed ours, and they disappeared because of the preponderance given to the intellect to the detriment of the heart, for the intellect always pushes humans on the path of egoism, domination, injustice, the enslavement of nature. And if our humanity continues on this path, if no other element comes to balance the destructive forces which are manifesting themselves more and more, it too will disappear. Look now if we begin to use thought to make some triumph and to eliminate others, what will the result be? Have you thought about it? You must reflect, and if you don't want everything to be engulfed once again, you must participate in the work of the Great Universal White Brotherhood.

(Note: In this lecture, the term Universal White Brotherhood certainly refers to the cultural association of the same name, but also more essentially to all the beings who work for light, peace and justice in the world.)

There is no activity more celestial, more glorious, than to participate in this work for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. You must become conscious of it, and with all your means, large or small, even with your weaknesses and your deficiencies – that doesn't matter – you participate! When there are elections, people aren't asked to be so intelligent and capable to vote, even idiots vote. Well then, we too, we must all vote for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, we must participate in the coming of this Kingdom on Earth, we must be proud and happy to participate. Before Heaven there is nothing more important. Of course, the majority of humans participate more or less in all sorts of ventures, but these ventures are most often prosaic, when they aren't stupid, pernicious or even diabolic. Whereas here, you are presented with the most noble, the most sublime enterprise which you could participate in: the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, the Golden Age.

You will say, "But there are already thousands of religious and mystical movements in the world! Yes, I know it, but where is the result? Have they succeeded in installing the Kingdom of God? No. Why? Because their ideal wasn't so sublime; religion was for them a little label thanks to which they could arrange their affairs. They worked only for themselves, their family, their prestige, their little society, and a little bit so that the Lord might consider them good Christians. But this wasn't sufficient, there were too many things on the side which they attended to, to gratify themselves. So, even if in front of the crowd they pass for extraordinary people, for Heaven it isn't great, because Heaven sees that they are working for their own success, their own glory.

The activity which I want to lead you into surpasses all these old concepts of religion. The moment has come now to consecrate yourself to a truly grandiose activity, to no longer work for yourself as everyone does, but to work to realize the Golden Age.

Where are those who work for the Golden Age? With the exception of a few great Initiates, and one cannot even know them or meet them for they are hidden, only the Universal White Brotherhood works in this direction, the other movements, under the aegis of religion, content themselves with launching fine ideas, fine words, that is sufficient for them. Like that pastor, who, one Sunday, has just given a sermon in which he said that one had to think of doing good without ever preoccupying oneself with what might happen: accidents, losses, etc. Upon returning home, he picks up the newspaper, looks at the Stock Exchange and sees that certain stocks had fallen. He begins to shout, "But that's dreadful! It's all over for me!" He calls his wife to lament with her... He had completely forgotten the sermonizing he had done back in church before his flock. And this isn't an invented story, it really happened, the person who related it to me was present at the scene.

The Earth is full of such people: they talk of the Lord, they talk of sacrifice, of renouncement, but they deprive themselves of nothing, and all who listen to them marvel at their words, that's enough for them. Ah yes, fine words everywhere. Rarely will you find a being who truly works selflessly for a divine idea. And even, more and more, one sees people who, because they have read some esoteric books, believe themselves capable of playing a role of Master. And the others, rather than studying him a little to see what he is like, go and follow him with their eyes closed. He will take all their money, but that doesn't matter, it's normal, it's magnificent, he's intelligent! It's the others who are silly.

They don't wonder where he comes from, how he has lived, who his master was, who sent him.... Ah, no, no, it's useless to put the question to oneself. It's sufficient that someone tells them that in three days they will be initiated – at a charge of a few thousand dollars, of course – they believe him. They are in a rush, you understand, initiation mustn't last more than three days. The world is full of people like that: frauds, charlatans, swindlers ..... who take advantage of the credulity and stupidity of others. But they at least are intelligent.

The Universal White Brotherhood brings a different vision of the world, different criteria, a different ideal: not to think of oneself so much anymore, but to work for the Kingdom of God. May those among you who are ready, come, they won't regret it. This ideal is capable of projecting them very far. If you love this ideal, if you consecrate yourselves to it, you will feel divine presences awakening in your soul, you will draw dearer to this image, this diagram that Heaven slipped into you from the very beginning and little by little you will succeed in bringing it into being. Otherwise, you will remain there eternally, marking time like everyone else in the midst of hypocrisy and lies. But one day the Universal White Brotherhood will put an end to all that. Once humans will know it, they will be ashamed to see that they are still like animals, always satisfying the cravings of their lower nature. There are so few who are ready to realize this diagram, this image that God has deposited in us!

I can reveal to you where this image is, so that you could nourish it by sending it this akashic force, but I won't yet, I will reveal it only before those who have given proofs, who truly want to consecrate themselves. As for the others, may they continue to do what they wish! How many things I could still reveal to you! But I am not allowed to, because these revelations will be profaned, and then, it is I who will be responsible. Everything is profaned at present, people don't even know what is sacred, there is nothing sacred anymore. All want to free themselves from what is sacred so as to be able to indulge in any folly whatsoever. Look at such reasoning! Human mentality is falling apart more and more, and it's in this way that they will all destroy themselves one day, I assure you. Because, look, without knowing it, they are in the process of attracting all the harmful elements from space which are going to eat away at them.

I have already told you that there is a law of affinity according to which each element, by its vibrations, its quintessence, is in relation with other elements of like nature, which it is thus susceptible to attracting. This is how by your thoughts, your feelings, you attract the beings, the elements, the events which correspond to them. So then: on account of your thoughts and feelings you are crushed, and on account of your thoughts and feelings you can become the King of the world. It's simple, it's clear. But humans who have no knowledge of these laws, do everything each day to destroy themselves. Of course, they don't realize it, because the deplorable consequences don't appear right away. If it were the same day that they received a lesson, maybe they would manage to become wiser. Yes, but considering that the consequences make them wait, that it is only after months, sometimes years, that the results of such and such a behavior appear, they continue to delude and demolish themselves.

I have already explained to you why Cosmic Intelligence has done things this way, only there you are, you don't read the lectures to know all these details which are of such subtlety that no one has revealed them yet. Go ahead, look for them, prepare yourselves, one day you will be the messengers of this formidable Teaching throughout the world. But you let yourselves go, you don't prepare yourselves. When will this affair be taken seriously? If you make up your mind to work only on this law of affinity, each day, by your thoughts, your feelings, your words, you will be doing nothing but attracting the most harmonious, the most beneficial, the most luminous elements and your whole life will be transformed. Even here, in the Universal White Brotherhood, rather than understanding once and for all the path to follow, the new activities to embrace, the brothers and sisters continue as before to demolish their life and their health.

How many things I can still reveal to you on the subject of the seed! Try to read the twelfth volume, Cosmic Moral Laws, and you will see that all morality is inscribed in the seed. Why can a seed produce only the fruit of which it is the seed and not another?

Yes, it's impossible to obtain figs there where one has planted thistles. There you have the laws of morality, of cosmic morality: they are the laws of agriculture. But never, obviously, has one gone to seek them there. One has sought morality in books, but not in nature. That is why people delude themselves by thinking that in planting thorns, they will have dates, figs, apples, pears... That is to say that in planting evil thoughts and feelings, they will carry off a triumph. Morality, true morality, is not an invention destined to enslave people as many believe it to be. It is nature which created the laws and these laws are there, in agriculture. This idea is also expressed by the proverb, "He who sows the wind shall reap the storm."

So then, you must learn to attend to seeds, all Initiatic Science is there. The seed contains an entire potential life: plant it, water it, let the sun give it the Light and warmth of its rays, and you will see. All Creation is summarized in a seed, but who thinks about that? Even the farmers who plant the seeds and harvest the fruits of these seeds haven't understood the mysteries which are hidden there.

And in that seed that man gives to a woman, where are the indications that the child will have such and such a face and organs? They are invisible, but once this seed is planted in the woman's womb and watered with her blood, it develops little by little, and one fine day, what does one see? A magnificent child.

But if future mothers wouldn't content themselves with carrying their child while continuing the same prosaic life as before... if they knew how to concentrate on the child like the fakir who knows how to concentrate on the seed so as to infuse the akashic force into it, that most powerful of all forces, they would do wonders on their children. Obviously, this child would come into the world with the physical characteristics inherited from his parents, but inwardly he would have other qualities, other faculties, which he possesses already in potential, but which can really develop only if the mother, by a conscious work strives to accelerate the process.

This is why women, mothers, have a big responsibility. It isn't enough that they bring a child into the world who is capable of eating and walking and talking. In receiving that seed, they must concentrate, to work on it with that most powerful force of all forces to accelerate the evolution of their child, to make of him a divinity. Yes, mothers have an immense responsibility. How many mothers bring puny, sickly, criminal and handicapped children into the world? It's their fault and the fault also of the fathers who don't help their wives carry their children in the best conditions. They must be instructed: so that they know, both the mothers and fathers that, by her behavior, by her way of thinking, the mother acts upon the child who is going to be born and that she can make of him either a criminal or a benefactor of humanity.

Look now, all the young who steal, destroy, and take drugs! Well, it's the mothers who are responsible. You will say, "But no, it isn't the mothers, it is society, the political and economic situation..." No, if the mothers knew how to work on their children, nothing could keep them from becoming divinities; in spite of the seductions the threats, the disgraces, the downfall of society, they would remain like gold: non-corrodible. That's my opinion. Mothers have the greatest powers over the child who is going to be born. Whether they recognize it or not, that's another question. If they don't recognize it, it is because they are ignorant and they must seek instruction.

So then, my dear brothers and sisters, so many things to re-establish, improve and perfect! One is unconscious and lazy; where are those conscious, enlightened beings, capable of deciding to work for the Golden Age? You must register now, you must vote, you must participate. This is what I ask of you today: to participate in this grandiose work. Even if you have never set foot in a university, even if you are neither strong, nor rich, nor highly placed in society, you are terrific since you participate in this work. This is the new concept I am bringing you today. From the point of view of the majority of humans, what I am telling you is nothing at all, it's zero. For them the only thing worth doing is to shout, to lay hands on everything they can: money, positions, and honors. But according to the Initiates, the only thing worth doing is to participate in the work of the Universal White Brotherhood, for the coming of God and His Righteousness, for the coming of the Golden Age.

It's at that moment that you release celestial forces; it's at that moment that you are useful to all humanity; it's at that moment that you prepare the future. So then, have you understood me? Yes, you must participate!

[link to www.liveyourquest.com]

Anonymous Coward (OP)
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10/16/2012 04:35 PM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age

It was one of those crystal clear days when the light reigns in space - the kind which the Master called "the diamond days of Nature". Every little stone, every blade of grass was encircled with an aura of radiance. The light which illuminated the rocks made them appear to be ethereal, almost weightless in their radiance. It was one of Nature's holy days. We were high up on the mountain with our Master, high up in the luminous universe, and he began to speak about the Angels:

"The whole Cosmos which God has created is filled with Beings who are more cultivated than we are and much more organized. Beings of the Angelic Hierarchy exist on the Sun. They live in an ethereal world:

solid matter does not exist there in the way that it does on earth. Matter there is in an ethereal state.

"There are also Advanced Beings who dwell on Sirius and on other celestial bodies as well. Compared to the Culture of Sirius - the culture of humankind is still in its swaddling clothes.

"Three kinds of solar systems exist. Some manifest the material world; others manifest the more sublime spiritual elements: these belong to the spiritual world, the Angelic world. After some time - when your spiritual eyes have begun to develop - you will be able to see all worlds. For now like the astronomers, you can see only the material world. The third kind of Solar System is the Divine World: the One which has been created from the most sublime Divine Elements.

"Eventually, man will pass through all solar systems. Our solar system is at the border of the Cosmos. One day - when your consciousness evolves and passes from one solar system into one with a more highly-evolved culture than ours at present - your perception of things will be completely different.

"By 'Angels,' we imply those Beings whose consciousness is so awakened that they shine like the sun. If you were to visit the Angels, you would see that in their world there exists a state of order unlike anything which exists on the earth. People have notions about the Angels, just as ants have notions about people. If you were to ask the ants where man exists, they would say that man is in another world. The ants have no knowledge of the human world. When an ant crawls over a person, it does not think, 'this is a living being.' Just as we can see the ants even though they do not see us, there are invisible Beings who exist and can see us although we do not see them. They work for the betterment of the world.

"We think that man is on the highest rung of the evolutionary ladder, but evolution is without end. Just as there are beings that exist below man, there are Beings that exist above man as well. These Beings evolved from the universes of the past.

"The Angels have a completely different scale of measurement. The more that the consciousness expands, the more the field of vision broadens. For them, only one thing is impossible: they cannot err.

"The Angels have an evolved Consciousness, and they do not intermingle good with evil. The Angelic Universe is much larger than ours. We are children; they are adults. When an Angel errs, he is not accepted into Heaven for ten thousand years, whereas they are much more lenient towards human beings.

"The Angels do not know human error: because if they knew, they would be defiled. Even though the Angels have passed along another path, they are nevertheless interested in our world. For them, we are the objects of study, just as the plants and animals are objects of study for us.

"Some Angels have passed through one mental epoch of humankind in which they stumbled and fell. When the angels were being tested, some of them remained luminous, while others darkened. Those who were conceited and prideful grew dark.

"The Angels take an interest in man. They have no knowledge of the Divine in man, because man is moving on a different path of development as opposed to the path which they have passed along. The Angels are able to learn from man's existence, because there is something in it which is unknown to them. They have no Knowledge of our experience, just as we have no knowledge of their experience; and for this reason, we are interesting to them. Millions of years ago, they were the 'humankind' of their world.

"The Angel possesses Knowledge which is applicable in all worlds: physical, spiritual and Divine. What is the Knowledge of an Angel? If you were to compile all of the knowledge of humankind - all that it has accumulated over thousands of years - an Angel knows all that and more.

"For the Angels to travel from one solar system to another - what kind of transportation do you think they would need? From the Sun to the closest star, an Angel will travel faster than the speed of light. The Evolved Beings who live on the Sun come down to our earth. Beings from Venus, Mars and Mercury come down as well. They have the means of transportation. The light which comes from some universes takes 500 million years to get here. What a great distance! But for an Angel, this is just a stroll. Our scale of measurement is like that of a microbe. The Angels travel at a speed greater than light. For them, the speed of light is like that of a buffalo-wagon. If the speed of light is incomprehensible to human beings, then what about a speed much faster than that? Light travels at the greatest speed possible for the physical world, but the speeds about which we are speaking here belong to other, higher worlds, to different dimensions.

"The Angels are highly evolved Beings who send forth energy throughout the entire solar system. The earth is too small a field for the power of an Angel. An Angel moving at the speed of light would cross the entire earth in a split-second, and yet they travel at even greater speeds.

"The Angels have bodies which are more resilient than ours. Angels master their bodies in such a way that they can be either visible or invisible. When Angels look at human life, they do not see as people see. When an Angel visits you, you become inspired; but when common spirits come to you, you say, 'We are stupid. We are ignorant. We are dull.'

"An Angel is a Being of absolute Justice and Purity. Their clothing is classical in style. You have to live like an Angel in order to put on Angelic clothes. You have to think rightly to be able to dress in a Divine robe.

"In the Sanskrit language, the word 'Deva' means 'Angel.' The Angels are rich in Love, and they work because of their Love. They intuit what God's Will is - that is to say, what God desires - and they fulfill it immediately.

"A World exists where Joy is real and suffering is make-believe. This is the World of the Angels, of the luminous Beings. Happiness on earth is not the Happiness of the spiritual world. In Heaven, your joy and suffering is unknown, but they have knowledge of what the Divine is. In the Angelic World, you cannot speak a word that has a double meaning, nor can you say something negative. If you imply that something which is pure is impure, you will need to leave paradise. On the Sun, if you want to speak an unkind word, your mouth will not open. If you want to speak a good word, then it will open readily.

"Sainthood is one of the highest states of a human being on earth, but the Angels stand higher than the saints.

"There are different orders of Angels. There are Angels who are from the first, second and third Realms. They speak different languages. The lives of the Angels who live in the second Realm are hidden from those who live in the first. And similarly, the lives of those who live in the third are hidden from those who live in the second. In the Angelic World, you can never pronounce a word if you do not like the object which it indicates. For example, if you like apples, you will be able to pronounce the word 'apple', but if you do not - you will not. You can never say, 'I do not like you.' Because before you can speak the words, the one to whom you are directing these words will no longer be in front of you. Compared to the celestial Angelic language, the human language is like the sound of thunder.

"If you go to the invisible World, to the luminous Beings, you will need to know their language, just as when someone comes to you, they will need to speak in your language. The Angels know all tongues. They will speak to you in that ancient Bulgarian language which has preserved its initial purity.

"When the Angels speak amongst themselves, man rejoices, because in their speech, there is something new. Light emanates from their speech: it is something very beautiful. There is a saying, 'When the Angels are eating - on the crumbs from their tables - humans are feasting.' This means that nothing is ever lost. In the same way, the ants are being fed by the crumbs which fall from the table at which man eats. Nothing ever goes to waste.

"The Angels are God's servants. There are Angels of Love, of Wisdom, of Gentleness, of Temperance, and so on. Each of the virtues is represented by specific Angels. The same is also true for all of the arts: music, poetry, etc.

"For the Beings of the Divine World, neither death nor reincarnation exist. The Divine Life is a Life of Perfection.

"When we speak about the sun and the stars, we should look at them as the result of the activity of the Intelligent Beings which lived 25 million, 250 million and 2, 500 million years ago.

"You say, 'I am interested in the other worlds.' It is impossible for you not to be interested, because the aspirations of the human soul originate from the higher Consciousness and culture of the Intelligent Beings from the other worlds.

"The Angels are Beings who have participated in the creation of the world. All of the Divine Powers pass through them. They are protecting us; they are helping us; they are bringing us Divine Blessings.

"It is the Intelligent Beings who work with and direct the life processes of the plants. There is a special class of Angels which works upon the plants. The whole plant kingdom is the accomplishment of the Angels. The intelligence within the plants is that of the Angels. For example, look at how regularly the berries of the grape in a grape cluster are arranged, what perfect form it has. Through the apple, we connect with the Beings of the Sun. The apple is a radio which connects us with these Beings. The flowers are the children of the Angels; they are the paintings of the Angels: their art. Flowers should not be picked. And should you step on a flower - at the same time - you are stepping on the thoughts and feelings of the Angels. We are very unruly children. We have a very high opinion of ourselves.

"The Angels work not only on the plants, but also on the whole of Nature. They work on all the natural kingdoms: animal, mineral, etc. If I say that the Angels are among us, you would ask, 'Where are they?' This very light by which we see today - this is of the Angels. They desire to stimulate our consciousness with their light.

"The Angels are helping us. We have helped them when they have been in the [evolutionary] position of humankind and our bodies were as the animals. In the future, when the animals of the present reach the human level of development, we will be helping them.

"At one time - when they were more like man - the Angels resembled us in certain things, but in other things not at all. The lowest existence of the Angels is still higher than the most sublime existence of man. This is the result of the intensity by which the Angels live. The relationship between the Angels and man can be compared to the relationship between man's life and that of the plants. In order to connect with a man, an Angel must come down and prod him for a long time until his mind awakens and is prompted into motion. The Angel wants to tell him that he is in the presence of a highly evolved Being with whom he needs to connect that he may learn something.

"In the Scriptures it is said, 'Speak not an empty word in the presence of the Angel who is guiding you, because this will turn your cause to naught.' This means that if you do not respect the Angel who is guiding you, you will lose everything and will continuously feel discontent.

"The Beings who have completed their development send their Love to us. We need to connect with them. The Angels on the Sun as well as those of the other solar systems - are thinking about us. When you find yourself in darkness - when you are under attack by inferior beings - a luminous Soul will come to you, will tell you something, will bring you a new idea. These luminous Souls will tell you, 'We will be with you.' These are the helpers, the guardian Angels of humankind. These Advanced Beings surround you; and because of them, your life can progress. You need to make every endeavor that your heart and mind may become an altar in order that you may work with these Advanced Beings. We have to study not only the physical world, but also the spiritual. We need to be connected with not only the physical world but the spiritual as well. We need to maintain contact with the Advanced Beings who are helping us along on our path. Many of our thoughts are the fruits of the thoughts of Advanced Beings. When a seed from one of these fruits lands in your mind, in your heart or in your soul, it will propagate in and of itself. These are the Divine Ideas which have come to grow within you. They are great treasures. Even if only one of these small, precious thoughts penetrates you every day - within ten years, your life will have become drastically changed.

"If you are in good spirits - this is an indication that Advanced Beings are sending their sublime thoughts to you. On the other hand, there are inferior beings as well who are sending to you their parasitic thoughts through which they attempt to prevent you from hearing clearly. Both kinds of beings are active. When you have a stale outlook on life. you have come into contact with beings who are on a lower level of development than you. When you have a fresh prospective, you have connected with Beings who are on a higher level than you.

"If you do not connect with the luminous Beings, no future awaits you. If you nourish yourself in the proper way, you will come into contact with all pure and righteous souls. The Intelligent Beings from the invisible World are sending their good ideas to man; but should these ideas not find good soil for their development, they will be deflected and will return to whence they have come, to their source. This is the reason why - regardless of the great wealth, the great abundance of Blessings which God is sending to earth - the majority of people are spiritually poor.

"If, through the efforts which you are making, you are able to communicate with the Intelligent Beings, you will be able to improve your destiny. This means that you must come to have faith in God, to trust in God. Through higher reasoning, you can come into contact with the Angels; and through Love - with God. The beauty of life lies in man's ability to live in harmony with the Advanced Beings. Man's thought needs to be in harmony with their thought. What greater music - than to think as the Advanced Beings think.

"The Angels who are teaching us are above us. Learn from them. Why should we learn from them? Because they possess a greater understanding than we do. Follow the path of the Angels that you may correct your error.

"People today think that once they come to believe, the sciences and the arts are no longer needed. But people are peculiar in their beliefs about God and in their attitudes about faith. Is it not God the great God of Wisdom, the Great Cause who has created all the worlds? Is it not God who has created the Angels? We need to come to know that there is another Science which exists, another Music, another Poetry, another Art. There exist other worlds as well, other forms of life-all a thousand times more beautiful than ours. There is much to learn.

"You live in an Intelligent World. The Sublime Beings who participated in the creation of the world are still working upon your consciousness and want you to learn, to come to understand things.

"The real wealth in man is the good within him. As it is with the Good, so it is with Love, Wisdom and Truth: they are inseparable. No one can say, 'This Love, this Wisdom, this Knowledge is mine.'

"We have the ability to comprehend the thoughts of the Sublime Beings. Work upon yourselves that you may develop your receptivity, through which you may come into contact with the more advanced Beings.

"Those who have had experiences and personal encounters with the other World - should they become ill, they will be able to overcome their illness more easily. Their Angels from the invisible World will visit them, will take away their pain, their suffering, their discouragement. The Intelligent Powers in the world are very active. The benevolent beings come from above or from the right side, whereas the inferior beings - from below or the left.

"When you are passing through a trial, pray and the luminous Beings will come to help you.

"There is a Law which states: no act performed by an Advanced Being exists in which the loss is greater than the benefit.

"If a man's heart is filled with sublime and noble thoughts and feelings - it is sufficient for him to think merely about an Angel, and the Angel will be with him. Without these feelings in his heart, no Angel will be able to leave his world to help him.

"When I look at you, I can see what kind of relationship the higher Beings have with you. This is because you are like a candle which has been illuminated, and from the intensity of the light of your candle - of your mind - a determination can be made regarding the essence of your candle as well as the quality of the burning which is taking place within you - whether it be full, or only partial. The Advanced Beings utilize this fire, that is to say, the energy of your mind for their work. This means: when you are making the endeavor to love, the Sublime Beings use this energy for their work.

"There are Angels who are guiding the nations. The Angel is a very real being, with both a body and a mind. Man thinks, and the animal thinks - but what a difference between man and animal!

"Sometimes highly Evolved Beings instill themselves within a man for 10, 15 or even 20 years and work. This is more economical and saves time in comparison to being born. In this sense, the man of genius is a collective being. One or more Advanced Beings has fallen in Love with him, has come to dwell within him and to manifest through him. Those people within whom an Angel comes to dwell, we call geniuses or saints. Within each great soul a great spirit lives. A musician in the true sense of the word can be only the one within whom an Angel lives. All things in the world which are sublime are because of the Angels.

"Man's consciousness needs to be awakened that he may be able to connect with the Consciousness of the Great Beings and learn from them.

I believe not in enthusiasm, but rather in Inspiration. Enthusiasm lasts for a day and a half, whereas Inspiration endures forever. Whatever one seeks to do, one must have Inspiration.

"In the future, the earth will be aglow, just as it was illuminated in earlier times. There is a saying [in Bulgarian]: 'To wherever it did flow, it will flow again.' It is the Advanced Beings who order our lives. They are investing something new into your account. It is important for you that everything which they have imparted to you increases. It is important that you invest something in their account as well. How? Through your gratitude to them. Be thankful for your friends from above who are helping you.

"All the Sublime Beings gather around those who have sublime aspirations."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

Anonymous Coward
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10/16/2012 07:00 PM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
Anonymous Coward
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10/17/2012 06:45 PM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
Anonymous Coward
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10/19/2012 06:54 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
Stefan Parlow

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10/19/2012 07:39 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
Only a few more months to go.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23486698

Continue dreaming. Still the NWO is ahead of us that starts with the end of the 3. World War.
Anonymous Coward
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10/19/2012 07:42 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
Only a few more months to go.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23486698

Continue dreaming. Still the NWO is ahead of us that starts with the end of the 3. World War.
 Quoting: Stefan Parlow

Aquarius will be the new age, the new life. First there will be disastrous events, gigantic upheavals, turmoil and change of all kinds….

The transition to a new zodiacal age is altering the political map of the world. For the last two thousand years much of human history has been determined by events in Europe and the near Middle East. From Greece and Rome, the great power centres of two millennia ago, with their inheritance from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, a distinct civilisational impulse spread westward into Europe, eventually reaching North America. Decisions made in the grand capitals of Europe and, for much of the last century in New York and Washington, have impacted the lives of millions of people in every part of the planet.

The advent of the Age of Aquarius coincides with the emergence of new world power centres. Just as old Egypt, Babylon and Sumeria were eclipsed by Greece and Rome, so too the ‘old world’ of Western Europe and North America will be overtaken by new geopolitical alliances and fresh centres of global influence. And this will be accompanied by a dramatic change in consciousness, as the worn-out Western values and Eurocentric rationalist thought prevailing for the last few centuries surrender to the new Aquarian thinking.

The current turmoil and conflict unleashed on the planet by the United States and Britain is only the beginning of the climax of a struggle between cosmic influences of which most people are completely unaware. Today, America and Britain embody atrophied and degraded Piscean energies. The Anglo-Americans, as the standard bearers of bankrupt Western materialism, are trying to reorganise the world, imposing their imbalanced, egoistic approach to life on all societies. Yet their latest brutal and insane actions, witnessed in the tragic invasion of Iraq, are part of a frantic effort to prolong their collapsing system. Despite all their apparent power and wealth, Anglo-American universalism is in a state of rapid decline leading to death.

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Thread: Aquarius will be the new age, the new life. First there will be disastrous events, gigantic upheavals, turmoil and change of all kinds….

Richard S.
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United States
10/19/2012 07:57 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
Of course will be. Because all what the jail masters care about is to stay in power.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/19/2012 08:13 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
Water and wine

[link to www.youtube.com]
Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/19/2012 08:15 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
Anonymous Coward
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10/19/2012 08:34 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
" the elevation of woman"

The future is seriously fucked. We see how feminazis run shit!! hiding
Anonymous Coward
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10/19/2012 08:50 AM
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Re: The coming of the Golden Age
Only a few more months to go.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23486698

Continue dreaming. Still the NWO is ahead of us that starts with the end of the 3. World War.
 Quoting: Stefan Parlow

Aquarius will be the new age, the new life. First there will be disastrous events, gigantic upheavals, turmoil and change of all kinds….

The transition to a new zodiacal age is altering the political map of the world. For the last two thousand years much of human history has been determined by events in Europe and the near Middle East. From Greece and Rome, the great power centres of two millennia ago, with their inheritance from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, a distinct civilisational impulse spread westward into Europe, eventually reaching North America. Decisions made in the grand capitals of Europe and, for much of the last century in New York and Washington, have impacted the lives of millions of people in every part of the planet.

The advent of the Age of Aquarius coincides with the emergence of new world power centres. Just as old Egypt, Babylon and Sumeria were eclipsed by Greece and Rome, so too the ‘old world’ of Western Europe and North America will be overtaken by new geopolitical alliances and fresh centres of global influence. And this will be accompanied by a dramatic change in consciousness, as the worn-out Western values and Eurocentric rationalist thought prevailing for the last few centuries surrender to the new Aquarian thinking.

The current turmoil and conflict unleashed on the planet by the United States and Britain is only the beginning of the climax of a struggle between cosmic influences of which most people are completely unaware. Today, America and Britain embody atrophied and degraded Piscean energies. The Anglo-Americans, as the standard bearers of bankrupt Western materialism, are trying to reorganise the world, imposing their imbalanced, egoistic approach to life on all societies. Yet their latest brutal and insane actions, witnessed in the tragic invasion of Iraq, are part of a frantic effort to prolong their collapsing system. Despite all their apparent power and wealth, Anglo-American universalism is in a state of rapid decline leading to death.

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Thread: Aquarius will be the new age, the new life. First there will be disastrous events, gigantic upheavals, turmoil and change of all kinds….
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