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Do true Jewish people hate Arabs?

Anonymous Coward
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10/17/2012 09:25 AM
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Do true Jewish people hate Arabs?
Do true Jewish people hate Arabs?

Question from Raphael Lira:

Dear Rabbi:

I have a few questions, and want to get the right information. You hear a lot of experts today that know little or nothing about what they profess.

Are Zionsts racist? Last week a gentelman told me that true Jewish people hate Arabs and see Arabs and Palestine as a problem? He also said, that if you are not a Zionist you are not a true Jew. Lasltly, are you automaticly a Zionist if you support the Jewish people and the State of Isreal?

Thank you for the help, Rabbi. I apprecaite getting the correct information.

G-d Bless you,
Raphael Lira

Answer from Jews Against Zionism:

Dear Mr. Lira,

Yes, there is unfortunately a lot of misinformation. Every Jewish group naturally wants to portray itself as the true Jewish people. However, true Judaism is the Judaism that is faithful to the Torah and Talmud and the rabbis in every generation who explained those texts. The record shows that Jews never hated Arabs; we got along reasonably well with them when living in their countries. Jews never had an aspiration to take over the land of Palestine on their own; the age-old hope was for the coming of the messiah, when G-d would gather in the Jewish people to their ancient land. This was never seen as a political or military movement. The Zionist movement, which does see it that way, is the invention of Jews who had broken away from their faith.

Since Zionism revolves around the Jewish holy land, it appeals to many Jews, even some religious ones who dont know any better. And since it emphasizes the rights of the Jewish people to that land as opposed to Arabs, it is inherently a racist idea.

Of course supporting the Jewish people doesnt mean one must be a Zionist. On the contrary, we contend that Zionism poses a great danger to Jewish lives and must be stopped precisely in order to save the Jewish people. Any non-Jew who wishes to speak against Zionism should stress at the same time that he is looking out for the best interest of the Jewish people, and thus he can avoid the inevitable false accusations of anti-Semitism. But support for the State of Israel is, by definition, Zionism.

Leizer Fishberg

[link to www.jewsagainstzionism.com]