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Message Subject Drake equation: How many alien civilizations exist?
Poster Handle smilesun
Post Content
And of all those alien species how many of them would think we taste like chicken?
 Quoting: Elzop

Alien species are plants, animals and microorganisms from one part of the world that are transported beyond their natural range and become established in a new area. They are sometimes also called "exotic," "introduced," "non-native," "non-indigenous" or "invasive" species.
Not all species that arrive in new places are able to make themselves at home and start reproducing and spreading. However, alien species can get established if given advantages such as:
- an agreeable climate;
- no or few natural predators, parasites or diseases;
- an abundance of food plants or prey that lack protection against the newcomer; - and an ability to out-compete native species and corner the best resources.
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