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Message Subject British man hacks US military computers, finds photographic proof of alien craft
Poster Handle Siward
Post Content
So where can I find these pictures :P
 Quoting: Razor457

Nowhere. Like all other ET claims you just have to take the guys word for it...
 Quoting: Hot Fish Pie for Jesus

You know, the same guy who had severe enough mental issues that the Brits decided not to extradite him in fears that he would kill himself... you gotta take that guys word for it. The crazy guy on meds.
 Quoting: Hot Fish Pie for Jesus

I think you'll find that we didn't want to extradite him becauase there was a huge out cry as this was merely the latest in a stream of extradition requests that we (the brits) wouldn't be able to do to US citizens, the impression therefore was that the treaty was unfair.

His defence team then used every trick in the book to try and prevent that extradition.
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