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Message Subject British man hacks US military computers, finds photographic proof of alien craft
Poster Handle MN USA land of 10,000 fakes
Post Content
If you had followed this story from the beginning, you would understand the USA's concern. McKinnon was able to hack into the Department of Defense computer systems using only a dial-up internet line and was able to use factory default passwords and spent a whole year in the DOD systems looking for UFO evidence. He was successful in finding Navy off-world personnel records, photos, etc. proving the US DOD has an off-world space program.

The US wants to shut him up as the fact that their sensitive secure systems were hacked by a mentally ill guy on an old computer with a dial-up line. This is embarassing. LOL. And they do not want him to spill the beans about the US Navy's off-world space program and about real ET craft.

We all know that if he ever ended up in the USA, he'd never ever see daylight again. Good for the UK in saving him.

 Quoting: machobird

Gotta love how a mentally handicapped (close to autistic) hacked the USA departments of defense and so on...

What happened? Did they not update their "norton" or maybe their Credit card bounced?

 Quoting: Smashy76

they used a password ,,, here it is

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