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Message Subject British man hacks US military computers, finds photographic proof of alien craft
Poster Handle novamom
Post Content
Being a mother of a child on the spectrum I can say first hand that children/people with aspergers are more likely to be telling the truth. It's difficult for them to lie because they see they world as black and white. They ofte have difficulty telling little white lies so that they do not hurt a person's feelings.
Notice I said more likely to tell the truth, not that they never lie.
 Quoting: novamom

my uncle has aspergers and this is very true. also they are usually very socially inept, but often very smart...
 Quoting: LibertyRises

Yup, my son is 9 and is the top 5% of kids in his ago group. However, he is very awkward and acts like he is 5-6 a lot of the time. He is getting better socially with each year that passes. He can't lie for anything.. he has tried before (when he has been in trouble) but he can't do it, it makes no sense what so ever. I know he has never lied to me when I ask him yes or no questions. I'm not sure what exactly makes it difficult to lie, but it seems to me its just like everything else in their world, over stimulating. Maybe they know if the lie they will have to remember and keep up with the lie and it will over load their system?
It could be different as adults, I really don't know
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