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Message Subject I am a Templar, Ask me a Question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hello! I too am of the Knights of Light the Templar blood runs in my veins and I wear the cross for all to see.. the Templar Cross. I ride horse back and long for the days of the Crusade. How do we meet up here? Will I be called to participate? What will it sound like.. the call to arms. Trained in the Spiritual I spend every morning in meditation and the Grand Master speaks to me as if I were his daughter. I am a woman in this life and have lead a full life.. but I want to be on the front when the call comes to protect our brothers and sisters..but.. I have been told NOT to be a part of any organized group..so I wait.. do you see? Thank you..
 Quoting: WhiteLight

You are one. I feel it.
You also know the Templar communication method. You shall not have to wait much longer as the sleepers are awakening. It was unnecessary but even with our agreements of reincarnation, we do suffer some trait hangover....
I am the servant of Richard the Third and humanity, now is the time....
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