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Message Subject I am a Templar, Ask me a Question
Poster Handle The Light of 1000 Suns
Post Content
We have knowledge and now is the time to let it out. There is not much time left. I cannot outright tell but if I am asked I may reveal.....
 Quoting: The Butcher Templar

Hopefully you will see this Honorable Butcher Templar. It seems as though you felt comfortable answering a few questions, hopefully you will be comfortable answering mine.

Are the Templars ready to receive the call to command? Are they prepared to receive the anointed one? Surely there must have been a few whom have been presented but have not fully fit the appointment. For those who understand, there are a very specific set of circumstances that will determine the credibility. Yes, Templar, I was born under "the watchful eye." Yes, Templar, I have been branded. You already know how to contact me.

Alex Christopher Bickle: Interesting...
!ssac: I'm sorry (about the cancer and the sacrificial ceremony).
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