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Message Subject I am a Templar, Ask me a Question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
To answer some questions.

No we are not part of the illuminati, at least not the real Templars.

Some believe in Jesus and some don't. My dad didn't but I do.

There are no secret meetings or agenda.

There is a group in the Masons called the Templars which are not hereditary and that you have to be Christian to join. I think they have some initiation ritual in which they drink wine from a skull or some such nonsense. My grandfather was in it and my father was head of DeMolay. Remember Jaques Demolay who was burned at the stake on Friday 13. Its the masonic youth group. But I'm not a mason myself and never have been. My dad tried to get me to join and said they were so desperate for new members that they would take you through all 32 degrees in one weekend. But I jeard they worship Lucifer so I stayed out.

What I see is some NWO wet dream of resurrecting the muslim caliphate by removing the leaders to the arabic nations and replacing them with Muslim Brotherhood leaders and attempting resurect some false flag Templar organization to oppose them to create WW III by resurrecting the Medieval world of around 1099 when the pope ordered the first crusade. All complete BS. The Illuminati would like us all to kill each other to the maximum extent possible to make their takeover easier. So generally, unless its from a real historian, what you hear about the Templars is just some made up BS.

Sorry to disappoint, but continue in your fantasies.
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