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Message Subject I am a Templar, Ask me a Question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Look, the idea that the Templar's took the gold from Solomon's Templar is complete and total bunk. By the time the Templars were formed Jerusalem had been occupied by rome and then islam for a thousand years. My understanding is that the original Templars used the Dome of the Rock as headquarters and renamed the support mounts beneath the temple mount as Solomon's stable becuase thats where they kept their horses.

Where the Templar's made their money was that they issued "traveler's checks" where a pilgrim could put their money needed for their pilgramage with the Templar organization in Europe and get a piece of paper and cash it in when they got to Jerusalem for walking around money. They also received donations and managed the estates of pilgrims while they were gone.

The king of France wanted the Templar money and the pope was pressuring them to merge with the Hospitaliers, another order that began hospitals for pilgrims that got sick on the joourney. So the standard bogus charges of heresy were leveled. In the inuisition they just had to level the charges and then take your property. Maybe some Templar's got some of their wealth out of the country during this medieval witch hunt. But I've never seen any of it. In fact I got laid off and was facing bankruptcy and a freind who knew I was a Templar said, "why don't you just tap into the secret treasure." Wish I could have but it doesn't exist.

I used to read the masonic publications when I was taking care of a dying mason once. Recently they discovered in the Vatican archives a papal pardon of the Templars.
But its a great moneymaker for authors. Hidden treasure. Secret organizations and oaths. I did enjoy "National Treasure'. Of course part II had to use the lost city of Cibola which is just as mythical. I remember back in the nineties I read one book that said Templars kiss cats or some such nonesense. For some reason it seems the god of this world doesn't like Templars. But its just a medieval order of monks. I would probably be more for the Franciscans than the Templars myself.
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