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Message Subject I am a Templar, Ask me a Question
Poster Handle The Butcher Templar
Post Content

We contain specialized DNA. Remaining from our creators. It is not the blood but the DNA
 Quoting: The Butcher Templar

Is the purpose of the sleepers awakening to trigger DNA to react differently within the human condition?
 Quoting: Saptaparna

As a sleeper you agreed to forget, erase all past memories from yourself, so you could not be recognized. Your memories will awaken you.

A Test.
Ask your powers to take you back to your most important lifetime. Tell me what you see, where you lived, what you were wearing and how you died
 Quoting: The Butcher Templar

What do these 'powers' you speak of consist of? Are you referencing the 'higher' self? Is this to be done in an altered state? Is there any trigger words to use while in the altered state to achieve this?

I can get a very accurate vision if doing it from my dream state. It will be more visual than exact 'names', like where I lived.
 Quoting: Saptaparna

meditate and regress yourself
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