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Message Subject I am a Templar, Ask me a Question
Poster Handle The Butcher Templar
Post Content
Butcher, is it thought by the Templars that there will be an actual physical war between the dark and light?

If so, will unmistakeably 'supernatural' events occur within the war? Viewable to all?
 Quoting: Saptaparna


It is begining already but is hidden, soon will be visible to those who want to see the truth, those that do not will continue on in thier daydream world, until they cannot stay hidden from the truth anymore...

things to prepare
Faraday Cage
Food Stocks
Think only positve, pure thoughts, that we are all one, interconncected,
We have forgotten many things from the past due to technology, but these will be remembered soon, at the transition to the next frequency.......
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