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Message Subject I am a Templar, Ask me a Question
Poster Handle The Butcher Templar
Post Content
Several years ago I felt a drive to move from the country I was born in and lived in all of my life. I dont know why I had this pull as I was happy and successfull. 6 figures a year. I began to have a dream.... I had this dream every night for over a year... like clock work every night. I drempt of a place with shallow bluegreen waters. People were in the water all the time fishing and playing. on the shores was a city, with tall buildings built along a coast line. this city was in a state of ruin... with the tops of the building beging to crumble in, but still many lived there. further back in the city were canals all over, as we use streets...
I did not know what this ment.
One night I was debating on going to Belize. Out of the blue at 10 pm my aunt called and told me she had a vision. Normally she did not have them without asking for them but this one came through very strongly and on its own.
She told me she was walking in the desert. Far off on top of a hill she saw a light. She walked towards the light and found an old North American Indian sitting by a fire at the top. She asked if he had somthing to tell her...
He said to her..." Tell *&^$^% to go to the jungle. There is a crystal waiting there for him. Tell him to look into the water, there will be many faces around him, but tell him to keep looking, in there he will find his true self.
I was shocked as she knew nothing of my plan to come to central america

to be continued
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