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Message Subject I am a Templar, Ask me a Question
Poster Handle WhiteLight
Post Content
When I say John the baptist to you what does that trigger in your mind, your first thought no matter how silly or crazy it seems.....
 Quoting: The Butcher Templar

John the Baptist was the Christ
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

What is the answer to your John The Baptist question, OP?
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

John was not Jesus.I cannot lead you in anyway as to what comes into your mind. Just need to know the FIRST Thought, word, thing, that comes into your mind.....

Did you know that templars taught the Sumuri?
 Quoting: The Butcher Templar

One must be careful in connecting the Warrior class from Japan with the enlightened and transforming nature of the Templar or the Mason's which BUILT the fine structures in the way of Sacred Geometry and Mystery Schools. The Samurai were medieval in comparison. They may have had sword skills and knew much that the common populace were not privy to and that the Leaders of the ancient order was corrupted by a very old Chinese tradition.. Power. and Buddhism. It was known then and it is known now that the Samurai were not meant to survive to Contemporary times and much like the Templars were driven to extinction. Yet the Templars were a PART of the Brotherhood of Light and did escape and did continue on.
As for the swords we made in the Templar tradition it was the long sword or Broad sword. And horse back warfare which was the standard for over 1000 years.
As far as the Samurai sword that is respected today and without peer... In the 14th century, a blacksmith called Masamune developed a two-layer structure of soft and hard steel for use in swords. This structure gave much improved cutting power and endurance, and the production technique led to Japanese swords (katana) being recognized as some of the most potent hand weapons of pre-industrial East Asia. Many swords made using this technique were exported across the East China Sea, a few making their way as far as India.
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