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Message Subject I am a Templar, Ask me a Question
Poster Handle The Butcher Templar
Post Content
Thank you Templar for sharing your insights here, your no bs attitude and strength of spirit is a refreshing beacon of truth in the world!

I was really moved by the Templar Oath, I can't find it in the thread now, please would you mind posting it again?

Is there anything else you can tell us about it?

 Quoting: songwaves

Thank you for listening....
What would you like to know. I do know that truth is stranger than fiction. There are things that we do not comprehend as of yet, it is not time... We have no choice of where we are at this time, we do have choice in how we react in this time. Listen to your heart. I know you do already, Do not fall back into the trap. It is difficult to remain open with all of the external pressures, but a few have been chosen to recieve and awaken.... over the next few months you will see more and more... Stop eating meat.. It strengthens the conditioning, meditate on your chakras and get them rotating again, soon you will see things you have never seen before, once you have opened up the truth will be revealed. What is happening now on earth is a grand manipulation by those that claim to be templars, but many years ago, they forgot why they were... Now they are lost... but not the originals, the ones that have come back for the gathering. Do not fear or worry as these are tools used by the other side.... Belive in the true god, the one in your heart, your creator. You have been of this earth many times. and will be again. only in the future this earth will be of peace, love and harmony with a true understanding of who we really are, humanity... we will choose to be.
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