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Message Subject So The Illuminati Wrote The Bible Eh?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No they didn't write the bible....they sanctioned a revised copy of texts that they had and allowed it for release after public outcry.

The version we have is not the same as what KJ copied from. Translator was handselected and monitored very closely as he translated the texts. As documented, anything that they did not want out there was re-worded or deleted.

None of this was known at the time, so the public was thrilled upon its release and it has been the #1 selling book of all time since.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17544037

You didn't read it didn't you? If you did, you'd recant that statement. huffy
 Quoting: cmoG530

Why would I recant? I read over it, and got what you were saying.

"Why would an evil organiation release a book that guides people to follow the opposite of what they are pushing the society into."

There's two things here I was getting at that I thought you were trying to refute.

1) Humans and even some animals have a natural tendency to be moral. Even staunch atheists, obviously have morals, not because of fear or god, but because of our natural evolution.

^^How could you make use of a book that blatantly tought immorality without a "Ah...that'll make me a better person" moment in it?

2) There are multiple books that were completely forbidden to be released. IIRC, it was also revised over a hundred times before the church finally authorized its released. Their flaw was they had multiple translators who were not fully in their circle. It is very unlikely they thought or planned for it to be used this long or be this popular.

Prior to being fully commissioned, the rebellion leaked information pertaining to other books and several re-writes. It wasn't until much later that this info surfaced and by that time, it was just downplayed as the public were blindly content.

I think a lot of what people on here and other sites claim the illuminati is and their true goal is, -- is simply what they want you to think, and the bible likely helps with that. Maybe not directly with each individual, but as a society and collective as we have had the story beginning to end in our conscious from being a part of this existence, we piece our reality and base these 'conspiracies' on tiny threads of it until it's a huge part of the web.
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