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Message Subject So The Illuminati Wrote The Bible Eh?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well if you think God will take his vengeance on the rulers that subjugate you, why on earth would you rise up against them?
Just leave it all in Gods hands that is what the book tells you to do.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1018225

Being a pushover isn't in the deal. Have you noticed what has been going on in Hollywood? Have you noticed that the elite are behind in their plans? What about the NWO? To have an NWO, there first must be an OWO. This means that the world was not originally theirs and that they are seeking to take it. From who if God doesn't exist? They can kill anyone they want. If God didn't exist, we would have been in A World Order decades ago.

And please for your sake READ!
 Quoting: cmoG530

So sad, you are clearly mistaken.

The Illuminati do not want us to do magic, because if we do we will be powerful like them.

Its called the New World Order because the United States is called the New World.

And the Illuminati also put in the bible, that we are to listen to our governmental authority. Why would they say that after they just say the rulers are corrupt?

EXACTLY, you retarded ass sheep. You wont ever get it.
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