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Message Subject So The Illuminati Wrote The Bible Eh?
Poster Handle Witness for Him
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hey OP you are knowledgeable in the Illuminati and the translations of the bible clearly. What do you think of the ESV? What are some specific things you can think of that hinder it? I notices that NIV its just ridiculously corrupt. But the ESV I havent noticed much. NIV has a lot of like subconscious changes. I cant remember the verse is but NIV says "A man who commits adultery has no sense." whereas the KJV says "a man who commits adultery lacks understanding." NIV Used an absolute and unless you compared side by side nobody would ever know. I think modern translations can be a good thing because they will at least point people in the direction of God. and if you preach the KJV you could the pass over an unbelievers head with the wording. But it you want to sit down and dig in and study, I use the KJV next to the ESV along with Blue letter bible. Just wondering what you think the bist modern translation is.
 Quoting: PaperFork

As long as your led with the Holy Spirit, which you appear to be based on your discernment and noticing the iffy verses, you are in good hands.. But yes, I know a couple of the Bible translations other than the 1611 KJV, especially the NIV basically when compared to the KJV, denies the deity of Christ in Philippians 2:6. I think I also recall finding questionable verses in the ESV either philip. 2:6, or possibly Ephesians 3:9 omitting that all things were created through Christ Jesus...

I also think if God's calling someone, he'll find a way. I've seen people using versions other than the KJV and they were clearly led by the Holy Spirit.

I also agree with you that it is useful with this knoledge in mind, side by side with the KJV as well as for general use in ministering to people
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