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Message Subject So The Illuminati Wrote The Bible Eh?
Poster Handle Witness for Him
Post Content
Well there are obvious high elite rulers of this world, call them illuminate or whatever.. the powers what not.

But my question is how do we know for a fact that the bible is fiction?

We don't as far as i can tell and there may be truth to it.. we will never really know... unless we do end up before an almighty God in judgement then we will have the answer.

At which point if we never believed we would of probably kicked ourselves for not having faith...

So the question is... do we RISK not believing and not give a shite and do as we wish in this world thinking there will be no comebacks and assume the Bible is BS and deal with judgement in the end if it were true..


do we live by the bible in faith not risking our eternal life if it were so true..

At the end of the day do we want to take that risk?

Risk a life of eternity for a short term life on this world ?

I guess it's down to each of us to decide.
 Quoting: truthseek

The entire book is the truth, you'll never know unless you read it! There is PLENTY of proof of God and there is even proof of God of the Bible, but Most people just can't swallow it
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