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Message Subject BREAKING: Romney up 6 in Latest Gallup! Obama has chosen McCormick Park for Concession Speech
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The democracy of illuminati v illuminati by voting machines software that they program, after they murdered all potential candidates who opposed them

Illuminati polls have "Romney two points behind Obama", a remake of the "Hillary tied with Obama" and "McCain two points behind Obama" acts in 2008. (1)
This is more like what a real poll looks like: "Obama 81%, Romney 12%, 7% being undecided" (2).
Although asking at a Jay-Z concert is supposedly a satire, obviously not the right place for a poll to be projected for all of the US population, note that the real disinfo of this poll is NOT the 81-12 ratio but hiding the majority, those who do not intend to "vote".

One hour science test for EVERYONE that illuminati TOTALLY control media, political & "justice" systems

If YOU want to answer the question "Do illuminati TOTALLY control media, politcs & 'justice?" then this is all you need to do.

Do your own poll
1. Ask randomly 100 people these two questions
- who did they vote for in the 2008 "election"
- who do they plan to vote for in the 2012 "election"

Project the results of your poll to the US population. That will be enough to confirm that:
- McCain got less than 5 million votes in 2008, although he was credited with 58 million votes;
- less than 5 million people plan to vote for "Romney".

Poster replies (3): "Lets make a mockery of science."

Last Prophet replies:
Not at all.
If after you polled 100 people the results do not yet prove the above, all you need is to keep asking a few more people and you will get the expected results.
That is what the SCIENCE of statistics is all about: the largest the sample the more precise the result.

Poster asks (3) two important questions:
1. "Do you honestly expect me to put that much effort into this dumb shit".
2. "Do you think there's any purpose for them to bother lying about the results of a loser? "

Last Prophet relies:
As for the second question:
This is the type of questions that only are asked if you did not get "that illuminati TOTALLY control media, politcs & justice".

And that answers the first question:
I strongly recommend that you invest one hour of your life in that test. Actually I can not imagine a better investment.
Just think about all the non-questions that you have been asking all your life instead of finally starting to ask the right questions, just because you did not get until now that " illuminati TOTALLY control media, politcs & justice".

See Notes at
[link to www.christianforums.com]
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