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Message Subject BREAKING: Romney up 6 in Latest Gallup! Obama has chosen McCormick Park for Concession Speech
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The past four years has been the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the people of America.

The next four years will be epic to a now braindead society of zombies.
 Quoting: Camille

9/11 started the big change in America's values & laws. 10/2008 began the unstoppable leap off the financial cliff. 2012 will be perceived as the return of hope in America, but it's too late. We'll end up in the world court without our super powers by 2016.

The democratic republic experiment has been fiddled with to the point of no return without massive public support. I can't see how that will happen with all media strictly controlled via obfuscation, misrepresentation and fabrication of domestic and world events.
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