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Message Subject BREAKING: Romney up 6 in Latest Gallup! Obama has chosen McCormick Park for Concession Speech
Poster Handle WhiteLight
Post Content

I think Obama is trying to lose.(I support Romney) I kinda look at it like this, who would want to be president with the high likely hood of WWIII. He obviously has a step up in intel. I would want absolutely zero part of being president during WWIII...
 Quoting: MARsSPEED

This is what I have been thinking for awhile now.. it is the mis-fortune of the next POTUS (Romney) that he will not be able to enact his financial recovery magic but be held to the Illuminati version of government..deal with a totally Chaotic and MANUFACTURED World War that is going to mark the USA as aggressor and create the negative image needed to bring down this fine Country. The end game is that Romney will be seen or given or masked with the "world aggressor" which of course is the opposite of what is truth. This is a very sad situation and hard to stay positive and loving during the rise of the DARK FORCES. That said the positive is that after the Wars (which I am pretty sure will be on other Continents) by Ryans term in office starting 2020- balance will be restored and our economy allowed to once again flourish. This will be a very rough next 8 years and define the lives of most of us forever. Who is left alive that remembers the reality of World War? Will Israel survive? How many will die? Where will our troops be sent to defend? Questions to ask right now..and I do give God Speed to Romney to answer them correctly. He is the right man for this job..he IS connected to GOD and to all that is GOOD. Warriors..you have just been activated...

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