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Message Subject BREAKING: Romney up 6 in Latest Gallup! Obama has chosen McCormick Park for Concession Speech
Poster Handle Sleeping Giant
Post Content

I think Obama is trying to lose.(I support Romney) I kinda look at it like this, who would want to be president with the high likely hood of WWIII. He obviously has a step up in intel. I would want absolutely zero part of being president during WWIII...
 Quoting: MARsSPEED

Yea no shit, when guns are selling at record breaking pace, and you announce you want to ban assault rifles...obviously he wants to be ousted.
 Quoting: Mrbillybadass

Just got back from the local Cabelx'x (N. TX) and there were 2 dozen employees working the gun counter with at least 100 customers looking and shopping the guns/ammo. They said customers were "stocking up" during their big 2nd Amendment Sale before elections. I would not be caught dead in an Oblabla shirt in the place but red fishnet stockings seemed to be OK.
 Quoting: TechRaider

Funny you mention that. Gander Mountain has completely redone their whole back wall of the store. The gun selection has grown much, much larger.
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