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Message Subject Breaking! - The Anunnaki are showing up worldwide! - "Pulsating Orbs of Light" - UFO's!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Did everyone see "The Whale" or "Black Rectangle" in those nazsca leaked photos awhile back?

I had not seen those photos and had resigned myself for the longest time to not entertaining thoughts of ET, but, the whale came down and stared straight into my frozen body on Dec 7. (to be dramatic) But I was frozen and just trying to remember every detail I could. Thats how I found the photos that were leaked and identified what I saw (to me at one point it looked like a singular airplane wing).

It was hardly more than 2-3 willow trees off the ground and as in the picture below had beams that reached the ground no matter the distance from the earth. It chilled observing for a few minutes and as a post earlier mentioned it had a sulfurish smell and I could not shake the thought that those beams were holding the craft up.

The article bellow mentions the "chemical" smell and the beams are all to familiar. I'm convinced the picture here and the "whale" and what nearly took a break on my lawn are the same. (not a singular thing though)

I just wish I wasn't discussing drones about two hours before hand ..... maybe I wouldn't have flipped it off.... I did try to emote a sorry feeling seconds after when I noticed the naivety in the quickness with which I had gestured.

Anyways I didn't feel threatened by it and I'm pretty sad it hasn't comeback at such a close range. Though I'm certain I see them flying at night quite often even just a few hours ago. Just got my T2i back so maybe I can get something to be a bit more convincing soon, just wanted to contribute to the pool of experience.

[link to news.upperplayground.com]
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