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50 Crazy Things That Obama Supporters Are Threatening To Do If Romney Wins


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United States
10/18/2012 09:53 PM
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50 Crazy Things That Obama Supporters Are Threatening To Do If Romney Wins
about how polarized politics in America has become and how vicious both sides can be. There is a lot of anger and frustration out there that has been bottled up for a long time, and this election could end up being a trigger event that releases a lot of it. Both sides are entirely convinced that they can win this tightly contested election, and one side is going to feel bitterly disappointed when it does not happen. Both sides are talking as if it is going to be “the end of America” or “the end of the world” if they lose this election. This is particularly true when it comes to Obama supporters. On social networking sites such as Twitter, many of them have actually been proclaiming that Mitt Romney wants to “exterminate black people” and many of them have been openly threatening to harm him if he does win the election. This is a very dangerous sign, and these threats should be taken very seriously. Of course a lot of Romney supporters are also likely to go absolutely insane if Obama ends up winning. In fact, one Romney supporter apparently put a bullet through the window of an Obama campaign office in Denver the other day. But when it comes to threatening to do crazy things if the election does not go their way, Obama supporters definitely take the cake.

The following are 50 crazy things that Obama supporters are threatening to do if Romney wins…

1. if romney wins i will cry in the fetal position every day (Source)

2. I’m serious: if Mitt Romney wins the presidency I’m moving to La Jolla to live in his vacant mansion #election (Source)

3. #IfObamaDontWin ima be walking around playing #2Pac with a 38 on my hip every where i go” (Source)

4. Best believe if Romney wins I’m dropping out and selling drugs (Source)

5. If romney win ima start bac robbin white folks.! (Source)

6. if Romney actually wins, I’m starting a riot (Source)

7. If Romney take away weave & my yams(foodstamps) . Ima get his White Asz (Source)

8. If Mitt Romney wins , I’m never having sex again! (Source)

9. if Romney wins and there’s a riot, I’m participating! (Source)

Read more at [link to investmentwatchblog.com]


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