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The Mayans: See Who Will Return In 2012?

Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/18/2012 10:00 PM
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The Mayans: See Who Will Return In 2012?
Hello GPL Folks -

I recently read the Examiner.com article titled, “Mayan Doomsday Clock reveals U.S. Presidential Election Results” and I found it an entertaining read.

I was quite amused Waring believes the black Mayan glyph is President Obama. I understand he made the association because of skin tone and an eagle on his head. He believes President Obama is a god or will receive god-like powers.

I saw the first debate and I can assure you President Obama is not a God! If he is a God he is certainly not impressive when it comes to Gods.

In my opinion, critical historical and cultural evidence was left out of the analysis and the association of the "black" Maya with the Eagle on his head.

I can not embed everything here so please reference this link. I most certainly am not an expert and this is my theory. I would appreciate any correction if I have erroneously portrayed anything!

[link to revelationnow.net]

Peace and Love,