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Message Subject The Mayans: See Who THEY Say Will Return in 2012
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The day is soon approaching...alien7
 Quoting: ET*Dude


the incoming "aliens" will be satan and the fallen angels

altho they will be "feigning" otherwise

the same ones you wished to follow in the first earth Age

which you will again be worshipping as your gods/creators by the time the actual second advent occurs

I realize the strong delusion won't allow you to fathom such at present

but it's coming

God wants to see just who among you will follow them again in this Age, specifically since He created this entire Age to allow you to "make a better choice"

the 1/3 that stood with satan at the rebellion were held back to be born into this last generation specifically so they could face him defacto, once again

your delusion will pass at the 7th Trump when the true Messiah returns and catches you in the act of idolatry in their regard

as it's written

this will be the cause of your "lot" in the coming Millennium Age, which will be entirely dependent upon same
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