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Message Subject The Mayans: See Who THEY Say Will Return in 2012
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Venus is in conjunction with the Sun directly East on 31th March 2013, in the Pisces constellation.

Conjunction of Venus with the Sun directly East seen from Easter Island

The date also falls within the Year of the serpent

31st March also happens to be the exact day of the most important Christian ascension festival as this is the date for Easter Sunday in 2013. The Christian esoteric lore here is of course entirely linked to ideas on rebirth and Passover of worthy spiritual seekers. This fact will probably make the 31-03-2013 date more appealing to members of this faith than the 21-12-2012 date. The far older Pagan equivalent to Easter is named for Eoatre a European Goddess identical in nature to the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar. The point here is that this time of year has been linked to ascension subjects for millennia.

As an interesting aside the lore of the sign Ophiuchus (a real person), the patron of medicine, states that he learned the secret of the elixir of life from the serpent he holds (Serpens Caput). The twisted serpent is still the symbol of the medical profession to this day. The Maya speak of a serpent rope that comes from the galactic centre bearing a wise being at the end of great cycles of time. It is then rather interesting that in that very direction we have a constellation named for the serpent and a connection with healing wisdom learned from an ascended master.

In the Chinese calendar system February 10th marks the start of their year of the Snake

[link to 2012rising.com]
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