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Message Subject The Mayans: See Who THEY Say Will Return in 2012
Poster Handle M.E.
Post Content
I haven't read any of the replies but I do know that MANY Christians believe that Obama is the anti-christ. If that is true, then after he wins this election, satan will enter him and give him the 'God-like' powers you are describing. He doesn't have them on his own. According to the Bible, in this second term, he will change for the worst and he won't be the 'nice' guy he's been for the last four years. He will cause everyone to receive a mark (which I've heard is already in the Obamacare papers and on a certain page but I don't know what it is right now - I'm thinking 1028 or somewhere close to that). He will also use the Fema camps to kill those who oppose him and those who won't support him.
I don't know if that's true, but the media sure has been adamant on making him look like a 'messiah'. The pictures online are mind boggling.

I didn't know this stuff about the Mayans but it sure does fit all this other stuff that people are saying. If it's all true, I sure don't want to be here after the election. I want to move ANYWHERE but the United States....maybe another planet?? Lol!hf
 Quoting: DaddysGirl

Yes, you are correct. I have researched much about Obama. Is he the Antichrist? I do not know. I am on the fence about it. I certainly have my doubts after watching the first debate. If he looses the election the Obama Antichrist theory is obviously moot.

I have read the clauses in the Health Care plan and they have changed since the first one and everyone WILL NOT be required to get a chip. It concerns people with existing medical devices like pace-makers at what not. I pursued it and it turned out to be a dud.

I am curious what the FEMA camps are all about; but, I heard the same prophecy about REX 84 and it never came to pass.

The media did turn him into a messiah but a lot of good it did with unemployment so high. IMO, if a global change comes it will come from the Sun and we will all be changed and then "they" will be scared of us!

Do not forget "they" built all of these underground bases where "they" can live for 10 years. What are they expecting is the question, because it is obviously something.
 Quoting: M.E.

But what if Romney is the Antichrist? He is a Mormon,not a Christian, and have you ever read the history of Joseph Smith ? Something to think about....

As a side note, remember a couple of years ago when Obama was touring a pyramid in Egypt and there was a likeness on the wall that looked so much like him ? Maybe there's a similar likeness in the Mayan pyramids ?

Anyway, interesting thread , Op, and soon we might know ?

 Quoting: Lindalee

I am sure every Christian researcher will jump on the bandwagon if Obama is not reelected and claim Romney is the Antichrist. Honestly, I have not done any research on Joseph Smith and I will wait until after the election. I do remember when Obama was in Egypt and he resembles the Sun God Akhenaton and soon theories sprang up he is a clone. I do not think the pyramids in South America will have his likeness. The Mayans seemed to have inherited much if not all of their sciences from the Olmecs. Thanks for checking out the thread and you are right time will tell!
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