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Message Subject The Mayans: See Who THEY Say Will Return in 2012
Poster Handle M.E.
Post Content
...do you know anyone whom speaks ancient Mayan to translate the so called prophecy? there aint no prophecies of any religion or culture,there all symbolism's and metaphors of sciences...you can waste your time talking about them gonna happen or you can know what they really are and how they relate to your individual life of your flesh and your spirit within the flesh right now...
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

I actually do know lots of people that speak Mayan, all kinds of dialects in Mexico and Guatemala. My ex wife speaks several dialects, Mayan is her first language. My father in law and a few men I know understand Archaic Yucatec Maya. I know a bit about Mayan history, tradition, linguistics and the calendar. I can tell you that the calendar ended the grand cycle at noon on April 12 1988. There were no doom prophecies. Nothing will happen in 2012, nobody ever said it would until some white researchers named Thompson (stole and sold countless treasures from towns and ruins in Yucatan) and Moreley, (a spy working for banana companies posing as an archeologist) said so. The date they came up with is wrong, the supposed prophecies are inventions or gross misinterpretations by people that have no remote understanding of the Mayan language, imagery or culture. It makes me sad to read this stuff. I wouldn't mind if they just made shit up and sold it to the gullible, but I wish they would leave the Mayans and other indigenous peoples out of their delusional pursuits.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10422385

I agree with you regarding the falsification of the prophecies; however, if you read the translations of Chilam Balam you find prophecy of a spiritual awakening. The Mayans are not the only culture who captured the 2012 end-cycle year. The ancient Egyptians captured it in the pyramid timeline. Any true student of Mayan (and really Olmec prophecy who are their African parent civilization) will tell you 2012 is about spiritual transformation, earth changes, social changes and the return of the gods. Chilam Balam corroborated these with his prophecy.We are seeing ALL of these now with the exception of two. I will be watching...
 Quoting: M.E.

Which Chilam Balaam? There are many, and they do not all come from the same people. I don't need to read translations. I have friends and family that can verbally translate into Spanish from originals that are kept in many towns to this day. None of what you claim is true, according to the real written history of this noble people. You really have no idea. As usual, the words of a non native are given more weight than the words of indigenous people.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10422385

I am referring to "Chilam Balam of Chumayel" which I studied. And I speak Spanish fluently but this clearly does not qualify me as an expert on the Maya. Nice try with that one ;).

Second, I am not claiming anything. I am merely presenting facts from research I have encountered over many decades. These are not my theories but reoccurring themes across ancient cultures BESIDES the Mayans. The parent civilization of the Maya is the Olmecs and you need to research them ALL to gain a foothold to ponder ALL their ancient themes.

Ironically, you state the indigenous people words should have more weight but they were scattered about AND did not possess the ancient codices stolen from them. Furthermore their education level has been decimated and most remnants of been reduced to farming cultures.

This is basic detective work and if you have put time into your case it will be weak.
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