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Burk Elder Hale and Bionaid: We Became Victims of His Misdeeds

by Claus Nicolae Nielsen Online Entrepreneur and Coach

This is dedicated to the long-lost genius of a formula known as Bionaid and how the man behind it – Burk Elder Hale, has very shockingly transformed from being a light worker, going through a near-death experience (NDE) to receive messages from god, and devoting his life to the creation of water products like Bionaid that serve to better humankind – to something unimaginable by our standards.

By “OUR” we mean the few of us who have collectively been subject to the wrongdoings of Burk Elder Hale in business. This includes Claus Nicolae Nielsen of Denmark who is the European distributor of Bionaid, Rodney of England who is the U.K. distributor of Bionaid, and Clarence Lee, the Asian distributor of Bionaid. We have gathered sufficient evidence and hearsay from others who have had experiences working with Burk Elder Hale before and they mostly reinforce our stories.

As this is an introduction to much more content and evidence coming up, we will summarize the essence of what has happened.

Burk Elder Hale has pretty much cheated us of all our money amounting for Bionaid from the last year. We are talking about amounts above $10K. In upcoming posts, we will scan real bank statements, provide printscreens of real gmail chats so you know we are not pasting the text out and modifying them. We have nothing to gain out of this except to expose Burk Elder Hale’s true colors as he has been very vile in the way he has dealt with us and whilst we can let that go and simply not associate with him anymore, he does this in the name of God and uses the same tricks on many others.

The Bionaid Donation Trick of Burk Elder Hale

How does he do it? Well, like many companies do, when their distributors put in an order, they normally have to pay up front in cash. Thank god we can provide proof of our bank transfers. When Burk Elder Hale receives the money, he either goes in hiding and doesn’t reply for months, or he cooks up a story or scenario that says we are not entitled to the stock or “special price” he promises. There are many scenarios here so don’t get confused just yet – just know that he has many means to manipulate you. The first half a year or many months of business dealings with him, Clarence and Claus have sung many praises of him, this can also be proven in email conversations. They pitied him because each time he was uncontactable for long periods of time, he would eventually contact us and explain how he has been attacked by evil proponents attempting to suppress his product. We believed him constantly and paid a price – with a real numerical figure.

Burk Elder Hale dealt with all our pleas and requests for return of funds by saying that he has had legal disclaimers on his website saying that all purchases of Bionaid and other products are regarded as donations. Yet it works exactly like a business transaction – i.e. you pay through PayPal or bank wire in exchange of products. In all our email conversations with Burk Elder Hale, there is no mention of “donations” whatsoever and all there is to our partnerships is merely a payment of a certain amount for a certain amount of goods. Period.

Now, Burk Elder Hale has erected this unfair disclaimer to nullify all his deeds. It is in his goodwill to give us stock of Bionaid as we are donors, not business associates. Yet all our conversations were made on the clear basis that we were associates. By many country’s legal standards, his ploy would definitely fall under some Unfair Contract Terms Act. But how do we, living in other corners of the globe, make a legal case without getting ourselves burnt further? We are not some legal game players or manipulative maestros … we are people in the wellness industry trying to promote a good product… that’s all.

The true Bionaid Donation principles Of Burk Elder Hale?

What’s worse – whilst we initially try to make sense of this by saying it’s maybe because Burk Elder Hale had been through such a rough ride that he has turned out like this and will only be temporary – but he is worse than just a thief. His apparently holy heart doesn’t seem that holy after all. When Elder first pulled off a similar trick on Rodney sometime back and Rodney didn’t receive the right amount of stock after paying, there came a time when Rodney asked for just a few bottles of Bionaid for his sick mother. Burk Elder Hale didn’t bother to reply. But he replied to us of course.

The same thing happened to Claus when his son Odin was ill and he needed Bionaid stock badly just for himself. Burk Elder Hale had already pulled off the same trick by then, refusing to send stock of Bionaid after Claus had paid him. But this is a man-to-man request, asking for just a few bottles of Bionaid for his little boy. Even if there were differences, Burk Elder Hale could simply say that he “would give in” to his requests on his son’s account if he had a heart. But of course, he ignored.

Then came Clarence’s case, where Burk Elder Hale appeared after yet another of his long hiatuses, and told both Claus and Clarence that he just came out of hospital with a lot of bills to pay and that he had made a special arrangement with his manufacturer to give us a special price on Bionaid to reward us for our understanding, kind words, and offers to help him – offering Burk Elder Hale sanctuary in our own countries when he said he was being hunted down by bullies, cops, and assaulted badly. Of course, we fell for that and Clarence proceeded to buy generous amounts of Bionaid on the premise of good price and that it would help Burk Elder Hale with his medical bills etc.

Of course, he didn’t give the Bionaid stock. Burk Elder Hale suddenly, out of nowhere, said the money was in Bruce and Marianne’s hands. Who on earth are they? He told us we don’t need to know – but just know that they are thieves who have cheated him. When we give him the money, it’s his responsibility to see to it that we get what we have transacted for or compensated us. Now he tells us he is hunting down Bruce and told Clarence to do the same. What?? How is he supposed to do that from Singapore? He is not Buddha or some supreme master!! Anyway, Bruce and Marianne are the same people from Progressive Radio Network. If you know them, please tell them to verify this information. Even if they did play Burk Elder Hale out, he is responsible to Clarence anyway. And there is NO need for him to use his “donation” clause!!

I have heard of other wellness enthusiasts who have been for Burk Elder Hale’s lectures sharing with each other that they have undesirable business dealings with him. If you are one of them, please speak out.

Is Bionaid of Burk Elder Hale Really What It Promises To Be?

Also, Burk Elder Hale has long been using Dan Nelson’s name for his water technologies and whilst I admire Dan Nelson’s work, technologies and personality, many of us (both distributors and users) have found that the Bionaid product of Burk Elder Hale do not produce the same results as earlier batches. We have tried the teabag experime [link to www.apsense.com] and even using Bionaid neat doesn’t produce a result much different than that of distilled water whilst a machine-filtered water like Kangen produces instant mixability with the teabag even at a cold temperature! How can Dan Nelson’s water be like this? It is simply impossible. If you want to request for a live demonstration of this experiment using real stock of Bionaid, let us know.
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