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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18423142

This thread maker is a PAID FOR, disinfo, shill! Burk has a excellent business reputation abroad many nations, he does in legal fact, ELECTRON MAPPING PROOF, a wonderful product of oxygenated, ionic covalent silver water. his equipment is clean, and also the people who passed these secrets on to him are from a congressional group, who carried the original technology design for the water, that NASA, once used in there astronaut programs. WHOEVER IS ATTEMPTING TO DISINFO THIS GOOD AND PLAIN HONEST BUSINESS MAN, HAS A AGENDA, TO DISCREDIT EFFECTIVE SILVER PRODUCTS. PROBABLY A EURPOEAN EU FORIEGN BANKER BACKED SHILL! i can testimony that Burk Elder's products, have NO FRAUD, and or other deceptive practices, there is no proof, there link is a FALSELY GROSSLY MISLEAD BUNCH OF SCUM BAGS, WHO HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN "ATTEMPT" TO DISCREDIT BIONAID. at best, these kindergarten IDIOTS, have no proofs, no real leads, no court documents, and no brains. so WHATEVER!whatever and to further more, there are more sleaze bags who have no intellectual basis, to discredit BIONAID, as there education level is simply not above board. i can testimony, that Burks Bionaid, works to : KILL STAPH GERMS, TERMINATE VIRAL LOADS, (I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS ON HOW BIONAID, CAN REDUCE AND OR TERMINATE THE VIRAL LOAD OF HEPATITIS C! (NOT KIDDING). I ALSO HAVE MANY OTHER SIGNED DOCUMENTS, EVEN FROM B Y U, which attest more medical and legal proof, that the nanometric particle ppm size of the silver molecules in BIONAID, can also kill, on contact; ANY FLU VIRUS, AND OR SOME FUNGAL AND BACTERIAL INFECTIONS. I, Mr V, have the documents, stored digital, and on paper, signed, by a professor, and a microbiologist. PERIOD! so , GO BACK TO YOUR FRICKIN CARTOONS....SHILLS....IDIOTS!!!!cool25aspock
 Quoting: Hawaii dude 2644215

It is as if it was Burk Elder Hale himself speaking here, with his violent stances and claims. He is the only one to defend BIONAID like this.

I am quite sure this is him.

So, don't hesitate to ask him questions directly.

BTW, "Hawaii Dude" is also "Danish dirty deeds". Same language, same stupid threats, violence and claims. As you can see, we are very far from the motto "love rules"!

Burk Elder knows very well how to speak for himself with different identities and stories.
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