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This thread has been analyzed and pegged, to be a "SILVER FIGHT WITCHHUNT", there are money trails that lead directly to servers, in EU, and in US, that clearly show a "attempt" to "SMEAR" a good business man, and naturopathic healer. the obvious IP trails, and MONETARY, trails, show a clear link to 'SILVER COMPETITION", AND ALSO TO "SHUTTING DOWN THE SILVER WATER INDUSTRY". this is more than clear as the EU, has already tried to eliminate the sales and production of this healing waters, so they can continue there evil eugenics policies, abroad, still trying to shut down these silver web sites in the USA. (it's not working, there are too many medical professionals in US Gov, AND IN HOSPITALS, WHO RELY, on silver water technology, just to perform there lengthy 12 or 24 hr shifts! they are merely 'USING" the dane idiot, as a fictional "coach", and fake website address, to discredit Burk Elder, WHO IS, A SOUND BUSINESS MAN. all IP trails have been solved by me and my A+ partner, the truth is now here, and i will not disclose those addresses. Bionaid, is truly, a milestone healing water, that has much proven success rates, and testimonies in the 100,000's of thousands. there is already documented evidence, on PUB MED, and in INDIA, that Ionic covalent silver can in deed HEAL, many viruses, bacteria's, fungus and other super bugs like strep or staph variants. PERIOD. that, is what this is "REALLY" about! HA! the breath of LIFE! more success to ya, a amazing individual, with an dynamic personality! PERIOD.hf
 Quoting: Banker buster 16981795

Where are the scientific articles accepted by referees about BIONAID? Where are the 100,000's of thousands of testimonies? Are you sure it isn't billions of testimonies? All you say is just blahblahblah without any beginning of evidence for

- the consumer benefice of the product BIONAID,
- the 100,000's of thousands of testimonies,
- the $ 1,000,000 in gold you offer to your critics,
- the Cannes International Film Festival film selection in with your documentary film "Water of Immortality" is supposed to be,
- the existence of the City of Hargrave,
- all the donations you claim to make,
- etc.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24267793

You're right dude. He says testimonies in the 100,000's of thousands. That makes 100,000 x 1,000 = 100,000,000, i.e. from 100 millions to 999 millions of people / testimonies. This means that this bionaid product is as popular as coca cola because just very few consumers testify for a product. Most of people just don't say a thing when they buy something.

Since this guy is almost unknown, his bionaid almost unknown, that means that he is just a scam artist.

Even if bionaid is a good product, how to explain that the manufacturer of bionaid sell bottles to this re-seller (Burk Elder Hale) without any morality ("donations" vs "free products"). It means that the manufacturer is the same type of guy (he necessiraly supports his seller until now), and the product just water mixed with a "magik" uninteresting powder.

Otherwise, I invite the bionaid manufacturer to rapidily prove his claims and no more work with this scam artist because he is destroying his product credibility.

In the list we could wait (in vain) for evidence is the Burk's claim that he has the cure for cancer.

Oh boy, we have a case of a super scam artist...
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