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No, he is not a joke, he is dangerous for the people safety.

In a research study, you provide all the cases: the good and BAD RESULTS. In his case, he only provides a bunch of 20 supposed successes, even if he clearly states, as a disclaimer, that any positive result in health is totally and completly coincidental.

The problem is that, since he is the judge and party, showing the so-called research testimonials on one hand, AND selling (giving for free in exchange of donations) the small bottles of Bionaid (less than 25 cl for $38) on the other hand, we are not able to see if there is ANY SIDE EFFECT, on short or long term, according to the quantities you drink.

He will never provide ANY MEDICAL COMPLAIN BECAUSE THE USER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HAVING USED BIONAID. In other terms, if there are any bad side effects, you will never know

To put an accepted drug on the market, such a real research study exists that should be (IS) endorsed by the medical authorities. I know that the lobbyists push to get permissions to sell drugs. But at least, there are multi-millions dollars studies before saying this or that drug is a cure. In addition, there is a posology and different other advices when using a drug. Here, YOU HAVE NOTHING!!!!! You drink Bionaid at your own risk and expense.

How many bottles you drink a month, a week, a day, an hour. Burk Elder Hale doesn't care. He just sells and gets cash, even if he doesn't send the bottles to the "user" (consumer).

Here, Burk Elder makes you believe that Bionaid kills germs, virus and infections, so does many acids and cleaning products (bleach for exemple).

The multi-million dollars study is made by the guinea pigs
- the consumers - who DONATE for FREE BOTTLES OF, MAYBE, POISON. WHO KNOWS HOW THOSE BOTTLES ARE STORED? WHAT IS THE STORING TEMPERATURE? So many questions arise for intelligent people. Remember that it's not for nothing that laws exist...
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